Warhammer Fest 2017 part 2


May 28, 2017 by Lee

So after a spot of lunch it was time to time to spend a little money. We picked up mainly Blood Bowl bits from the new Goblin team to star players, new gaming mats and accessories. Jamie picked up a couple of boxes of the new Kharadron Overlords, which I have to say the ships remind me of Robert De Niro film Stardust (if you haven’t seen it, its well worth watching).

As the show was on more than 1 floor we thought it was time to visit the next floor up which happened to be Forgeworlds designers and miniatures hall. What can I say, this section was mind blowing as you would expect from Forgeworld. We had a long chat to the designer of the new Forgeworld Character series models and was surprised at how he gets his inspiration and his methods of model creation.

Moving on through the models we came across the new plastic Thunderhawk Gunship

and I couldn’t resist a photo of this mech shop


Being keen fans of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, this particular diorama caught our attention and we thought we would share it with you.


This concluded our tour of the second floor, as we moved up to the last floor. This is where we got to see Games Workshop from past to present products, including White Dwarf first edition, the studio and how they go about making the dioramas to tips on painting miniatures in general. Along side all of this were dioramas from Warhammer World and large glass display cabinets of armies from the staff.

After leaving this floor we went for our seminar which we booked that was all about the new 40k 8th edition. We had a short video presentation and chat about the Warhammer Community site. Following this was a short chat about the new 40k rules and setting and after the floor was open to questions from us. I have to say that I was really impressed that they answered all the questions and it seemed they didn’t leave too much out.

Leaving the seminar we went for a last look around the main hall and managed to pick up some very cheap hoodies with 40k print on them, and so it was time to leave as the event was closing down for the evening.

Conclusions –

Considering this was our first time at this event we were all very impressed. One thing I forgot to mention is that you could have taken your own army being 30/40k or AoS and even Blood Bowl as there were plenty of free tables that were put on for free gaming. GW provided the gaming mats and scenery for you to play on (what more can you ask for). We are already planning to go next year and to make sure Mel gets to see some more of the painting demos.

I have to say that I am really pleased that GW are now talking as well as listening to its customer base, as every GW staff that I spoke to were very keen to listen to how they could improve and more importantly help us as a community. This I believe has been welcomed and the Warhammer Community site has helped in this manner.

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One thought on “Warhammer Fest 2017 part 2

  1. Mel says:

    We all really enjoyed the day. As you said, I wish I had more time to spend watching the painting demos but hey, I guess that will be for next time and in the meantime, I’ll just have to settle for watching the YouTube videos on Warhammer TV.
    Really looking forward to the new 40K 8th Edition.


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