Warhammer Fest 2017 Part 1

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May 28, 2017 by Lee

First of all for those of you who don’t know Warhammer Fest is Games Workshops major show of the year. It used to be called years ago Games Day, but now it is Games Workshops way of putting on a festival of games and events rather than it just being called a games day.

This was our first venture into Games Workshops big event although I used to go to the Carnage event that was held in Bristol years gone by. But I must say that Carnage was little league compared to what we seen at Warhammer Fest.

It all started out for us on the Friday evening when we travelled to Coventry to stay the night as not to have the early morning drive up there. The Travelodge was easy to find as to was the venue for the event (Ricoh Arena Coventry). After a good nights sleep we were up early and drove to the arena where we joined the queue to get in.


I must say the organisation was spot on, we lined up and people were going up and down the queue offering tea / coffee, following that they dished out a goodie bag with the program and flyers from the many other companies that work alongside GW. With the brew and flip through of the program the time passed quickly and we were in.

Wow the arena hall was massive, at one end was Forgeworld, GW Store, Black Library and merchandise stands. At the other end of the hall was all the digital games and there was quite a few. In the middle was the various tournaments from 40k, AoS and Blood Bowl. Next to that was a very clever section which was the bits box challenge. This I thought was excellent, you were each given a oval diorama base and spures from space marines and orks and you were told to come up with a exciting dramatic diorama using only the bits / sprues you had. Through out the day these tables and there were a lot of them were filled with adults and children all laughing and creating dramatic poses of their miniatures (I forgot to get pictures of this, sorry).

First up for us was a chance to get our hands on the digital section and play some of the new games all on PC, Jamie and I started off by playing Space Hulk Deathwing which is due for release on PS4 and Xbox1 later this year. For those who don’t know in Space Hulk Deathwing you play as one of the Dark Angels Deathwing Terminators or their Librarian in an adventure around a space hulk. But that sounds too easy right ? your not alone and you will be attacked by various Tyranid forces as you negotiate your way around the hulk. From the little we played I think its going to be packed with tension and atmosphere as well as being able to play different roles with the terminators (i.e. a standard terminator, a terminator armed with an assault cannon or the librarian etc for example). So lots going on here and one I think could work very well for the PSVR headset.


Next up for all of us was getting our hands on the new Dawn of War 3. What can I say, we’ve play all the other editions before and they are first class games. But this one was great and all of what I was expecting. the graphics and sounds was very immersive and the action on the screen gripped you so much that I was oblivious to people around me. Sadly though, I did ask the guys from the dev team about porting a version to console and they said that its a PC game and no plans to change it. I did argue the case that they could be the first dev team to port a RTS game of this type to console and that the console market was far bigger than the PCs. I wont hold my breath of it happening, I suppose we will have to look at getting high end PCs to play it…….

After all this excitement it was time to have a look around and it wasn’t long before we bumped into this chap, it was a really nice piece of resin plastic but at $800 it was a bit too high for me.

We decided to have a general look around the main hall at the stores as well as the tournaments. It wasn’t long before we bumped into Laurence of Tabletop Tactics. If you have not seen his youtube channel then I would suggest you take a look. His battle reports on 40k and AoS are great fun to watch with loads of banter. He took time out of his game for a chat to us (I must again thank his opponent for allowing this). Later in the day Laurence played a game which was filmed by the Warhammer Community channel.



Following after this we went into the next hall which was where the new 8th edition 40k was being demoed. We joined the queue and it wasn’t long before we were escorted to a table (which I have to say there were loads of demo tables) to get our hands on with the basics of the new rules. First off the miniatures look great, the new Space Marines in the flesh look smart but the Death Guard are first class, I can’t wait to get my hands on these. Richard there is an idea for a game mate which involves all 6 of us……

The demo took about 20 mins to run through, I’d like to have had a bit longer but it wouldn’t be fair on those in the queue still waiting to see the new miniatures painted and play the news rules. after this went around the room to where Duncan who does the painting videos for Warhammer TV was putting on a display on painting the new Death Guard marine. After this we had a nose around in the cabnet which had the new 40k box starter in it, we were not allowed to take photos of these. Before leaving this room Jamie and I couldn’t resist getting our photo taken (which was put on the Warhammer Community site).

After all this excitement it was time for lunch………….. Stay tuned for part 2

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