Brush Strokes 28th May 2017


May 28, 2017 by Mel

I figured it was about time to start a regular record to show you all what’s been happening on the paint table. I guess I decided to do this for 2 reasons, one to see what’s been done and two, to commit to what’s coming up next !!

We have been busy deciding what the priorities are with our wargaming. I guess we all get to a stage where we have so much grey plastic and bare metal that it all becomes a bit overwhelming. Well, that’s where I am at the moment however after some serious deliberation we have come up with a list of what comes first and that’s exactly how I’m starting this ongoing post.

I’m not sure if we have already said but we are planning another trip to Warhammer World in July. Like last year, this means we have a definite deadline to complete painted armies in order to play. This year our plan is to try out the new 8th Edition rules using the good old reliables, Ultramarines vs Orks.

So digging through our boxes, it is about time we completed many outstanding, half built, half painted units…..and of course, build and paint some new ones. I have started with Jamie’s Ultramarines. We’ve not really done much with these for many years and so, there are lots of small units that need to be increased in number.

I started this week with completing a 10 man Terminator unit. Seriously, having done them, I pity the poor Orks who are destined to meet them !!! Of course, it would be all fair if I didn’t work on Orks at the same time. These have been mostly building focused and so I have built all of the Orks from the StormClaw set, some Deffkoptas from the Black Reach set along with some characters.




Next weeks jobs include finishing painting some of the Ultramarine basic squad units along with building the Ork Battleforce box set (shows how old some of our non-built stuff is !!) and some Biker units.


Well, back to it I guess, better get undercoating before the rain comes down !!!

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One thought on “Brush Strokes 28th May 2017

  1. Lee says:

    Those assault terminators look awesome Mel and they will fit in nicely into Jamie’s Ultramarine army. I must say though, I’m not looking forward to facing them at Warhammer World.


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