Flames of War 4th Edition (El Alamein Unboxing)

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March 12, 2017 by Lee

This weekend saw the official launch of Battlefronts Flames of War V4. This is something that I`ve been waiting on for some time. I do enjoy playing FoW and the desert theatre is my passion for this game system.

The products released for the launch this weekend were; The El Alamein starter set, Hardback Rulebook, range finder, destroyed markers and the desert mission token set. Also given away free were the 1939 – 41 & 1944 – 45 combined conversion book to convert your existing 3rd edition books to play the new 4th edition, along side this book was also another free book Special Rules and Warriors. Again this book is also a conversion book to bring the special rules and warriors in line with 4th edition. Both of these could be gained free as long as your had a 3rd edition rulebook (the hardback or the small softback) to show the retailer.

So, how does the launch weekend fit in with us you may ask. Well we decided to take a trip to Cardiff and along to Firestorm Games a regular haunt for us to hang out when we are not gaming at home. The reason for going was to pick up some Frostgrave bits we had ordered, to play a couple of games (Dead Man’s Hand, Star Wars Destiny) and for me to check out the products from the new FoW 4th edition.

What can I say the shiny syndrome took over me, again. I picked up the new hardback rules, the El Alamein starter set and a ranger finder. On top of that we all picked up copies of the free conversion books as we took along our copies of the 3rd edition rules.

Below you will find pictures of some of the products (the ones missing is the hardback rulebook and the range finder. So without further ado lets take a look at the rest of the shiny stuff……

The El Alamein starter set

Box Contents –

Start Here booklet


A5 softback Rulebook

1 x Panzer III sprue

1 x Panzer IV sprue


2 x British Crusader tanks

1 x British Grant tank


Unit Cards for each of the vehicles

Tank commander sprue for each side



Pop out card terrain


The quality of the products are first class and what I expected from Battlefront Miniatures. The print on the card terrain is very well detailed as well as in the rulebooks and unit cards. The plastic tanks are of a hard plastic very much like Games Workshops plastic miniature, so shouldn`t have much trouble getting the paint to stick to the models. The detail on the tanks is very good for this scale of miniatures. I must admit I do like the direction that Battlefront is going recently with the release of Team Yankee and now V4 of Flames of War they seem to be making their games more streamlined easy flowing and more enjoyable experience.

Briefly looking through the rules Veteran Flames players shouldn`t feel as the game has become over simplified as all the tactical strategy that you’ve been used to still remains in the game. Newcomers to the game Should find the easy layout of the rulebook and explanations easy to follow and pick up. This will make learning the rules / game easier and give a newcomer a chance to learn the tactics of each unit types.

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For more information on Battlefronts Launch weekend click the link below and pop over to the Battlefronts website and check out whats been going on around all of their studios.


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