4 Player Dead Man’s Hand Game


March 12, 2017 by Lee

Following on from my previous game at Richards it was time to introduce the game to Mel, Jamie and Tim. What an ideal chance to do so on our visit to Firestorm Games to pick up some Flames of War 4th edition bits.

I decided that each of us would play the game with our own factions and each of us having the cards divided into their suits for the factions.

Lee – 7th Cavalry

Mel – Outlaws

Jamie – Banditos

Tim – Cowboys

The scene was set with the Banditos escaping off with the loot being supported by the Outlaws. Tim’s Cowboy gang unaware of the mayhem that was unfolding had to try to stop them before they ran for the hills. My 7th cavalry would do what cavalry do and ride in and take the glory after the work was done……..

So with the scene set and the cards divided up we began the game. The first turn was spent running through the rules andย dice rolls, which they all seemed to pick up very quickly. We played several turns and before we knew the time had crept along. The action was thick and fast on all sides but overall the Outlaw / Bandito gang managed to secure enough loot to win the game. Again this was only demo run through of the rules with the players and so some of the figures were not painted.


This was only a small post to let you know how thing are going and to get everyone’s opinion. We all enjoyed the game and all agreed that we will do a campaign with them very soon…

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Western Lady

5 thoughts on “4 Player Dead Man’s Hand Game

  1. Mel says:

    It was an awesome day. The game ran really well. I have to say, being a supporter of LOTOW, I was doubtful about DMH however I was surprised. I like to card system and think it worked well considering how big a game we played.
    Next step is to start the campaign…..I can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. shaun jewitt says:

    sounds interesting! For me, skirmish games can often end up being a big bun fight in the middle of the table but this sounds like it has more going on, might have a look at this one.
    like the photo effects.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee says:

      Cheers Shaun, it’s amazing what you can do in photoshop.
      Like I said in a previous post that we had the rules when they were released, but we never got round to playing them as we played LotOW. Dead Man’s Hand is well worth a look at as it has all the Hollywood feel about it without all the complicated rules to remember.


  3. Jim McCabe says:

    That looks really interesting, Lee. And the photos are excellent;they give it a touch of Hollywood

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee says:

      Thanks Jim.

      Dead Mans Hand certainly does lend itself to a narrative story while playing the game. The rules also do allow you to play with more than 2 people as we tried here.


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