Dead Man’s Hand (first game)


March 8, 2017 by Lee

I know these rules have been out for some time now and many people have reviewed them in the past. Sorry for the lack of pictures as I hadn’t planned on doing a blog post about the day. Also this post is not a review of the rules, but more about a great time I had gaming with them.

Richard and I both work shifts and so we struggle to get a day off together without our shifts clashing. We met up for a  general chat about whats new in our hobby and what plans we have for the near future. After a spot of lunch Richard had surprised me by saying he had set up a little game for us to play. To my surprise it was a game of Dead Man’s Hand. Richard and I bought these rules more or less at the same time when they were released. At that time I was still well into play Warhammer Historiacals Legends of the Old West, a set of rules in which I still enjoy today.

The 2 factions we were using were –

Lee – 7th Cavalry

Richard – The Outlaws

The Scene – Heist

Background – The Outlaw gang were up to their old tricks and decided to rob the local bank just after it had received the payroll for the railway. Unaware of the shenanigans from the Outlaw gang the 7th Cavalry had sent out a patrol to the local town to escort the railways payroll to its paymaster.

The game was set up with the Outlaws mainly in the bank with a couple outside covering the retreat of their gang members from the bank. Meanwhile the 7th Cavalry had entered the town and were taking some rest after a long ride in the saddle, when, all hell was let loose. Guns firing, people shouting and just a general sight of confusion. The Outlaw gang had the drop on the 7th Cavalry and were making good progress escaping from the bank and heading for out of town.


General Battle Report of the Game – Slow to react to the Outlaws intension the 7th Cavalry had to move at a rapid pace trying not to stop to shoot in order to close the gap to prevent the Outlaws from escaping from the town. Meanwhile, the Outlaws managed to get close to escaping the town while being covered by the few members of their gang. The Cavalry lost the first man to a cracking shot from an Outlaw with a repeating rifles on a rooftop. Play continued with either side suffering wound markers when eventually the Cavalry done what cavalry do best and that`s to charge into contact. A couple of turns was spent with various members from both sides embroiled in a fierce hand to hand combat which resulted in the Outlaws losing a few more members. This resulted in the Outlaw gang having to take a force morale, which to my surprise they passed. Another couple of turns ensued and the Outlaws shooting was first class taking out a couple of the Cavalry troopers (but not quite enough for a morale).


Following the action things were getting pretty hot and dangerous for both sides. The Outlaws trying desperately to hold on to the few loot bags they had, while the Cavalry had to follow their orders and return with the pay. The Outlaw leader was feeling heroic and charged into a cavalry trooper and taking him out. This resulted in the Cavalry having to take a force morale (feeling confident with them being cavalry) they failed the roll and the Outlaw gang what was left to escape with a few bags of loot.


Overview of the rules – The rules are very streamlined and fast playing. The cards which are used for initiative / activation to events throughout the turn. Movement is simple with each movement action being 4″. Shooting is done by rolling a d20 with some modifiers and checking the result on a table. Melee is done by each player rolling a d10 with some modifiers and comparing the result against each other. Morale (Nerve) is done by rolling a d10 with modifiers and beating a target number.

It is a very fast and simple game to play with the character of the period built in by the event cards and the faction you play. I can see me playing more of this in the future and also using it for a campaign. More on this in the future……..

I hope you enjoyed reading the post, feel free to comment below if you would like to read about more games of Dead Man’s Hand and don`t forget to press the like button. Thanks for reading and for more information on what`s available then click the link to Great Escape Games to find out more

One thought on “Dead Man’s Hand (first game)

  1. Mel says:

    Sounds like a great game you had. I can’t wait for you to teach us for our first game.
    I will be good to do this as a campaign


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