Airbrush Training Day 2


February 27, 2017 by Mel

So finally I get round to posting Day 2 of the Airbrush Training course….

After a nice breakfast, I made my way back to Barwell Bodyworks for my second day. I was looking forward to this as I would get to paint up one of my own models.

To get us started, Steve opened up the day by a bit of doodling with the airbrush just to refresh the techniques we had learned. Wow, how much you lose overnight is amazing, but after a few wonky lines again, I was starting to get back into it. But then came the first challenge of the day…….. a Space Marine bike in 15 minutes !! I thought Steve was joking but he really wasn’t. The task was to get as many different colours onto the bike within the time frame. So whilst I was trying to give it a good go, the pressure was quite intense and what resulted was certainly not something I would want to show as a picture on here………but then no one else seemed to do much better. That was until it was clear as to the reason for the challenge. The clue was above, as many colours on as possible in the timeframe. Due to the nature of the task, the exercise contracted the myth that you had to do a thorough clean between colours. This made a lot of sense as one of the main reasons that people are put off airbrushing is that they think it is quite a task to clean down between colours. Definitely not the case….I got a decent 6 different colours, none of them mixed with each other.

We then learned about different types of masking. This was really interesting, particularly liquid mask (but only if you are not in a rush !!)

And then we were ready to start our own models…OMG, am I really ready to subject Jamie’s Greyhound to my inexperienced airbrushing ?? oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained !

I chose to do his Greyhound in the winter assault colour scheme. I also decided to start doing some of my Garden of Morr terrain. First step was priming. Due to the colour schemes I was doing I could undercoat all of my stuff in the same Grey primer.


I chose to do Jamie’s Greyhound first (sorry Shaun, Lee commented first 🙂 ). You can see below the progression of colour as I did each layer. The paints worked really well. Ok, confession time……I bought a new airbrush to use for this work (I have just done 10 years at work and had a £100 long service award so what better to spend it on).




Once I got the Greyhound to the point that anything else would be brush work, I then moved onto starting my Garden of Morr. My main aim for this was to build up a moss effect on the walls. I think it came out ok. Again, next steps would be fine work with brush to finish it off.


I am really pleased with what I achieved on the course. I am really looking forward to doing more soon at home. So much so that I spent my day off today, rearranging the paint room to have a permanent airbrush area 🙂

I will, of course, show off finish products soon along with further work as I get stuff done. (I will get to do that Forest Dragon soon……)

I would like to thank Steve for the course and would strongly recommend the course to anyone thinking of starting airbrushing (click on link on Blogroll).


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