Airbrush Training Day 1


February 25, 2017 by Mel

I can’t recall if I mentioned this before but, as a Christmas present, Lee paid for an Airbrushing course for me with Barwell Bodyworks. Well, here I am, this weekend in Leicester learning new skills with airbrushing.

After a very early start (left home just after 6.30 this morning), and after a quick stop for a sandwich on route, I arrived at Barwell’s at about 9.45 raring to get started. There is a group of 5 of us on the course led by Steve.

The day started with Steve teaching us about the anatomy and working of an airbrush. This was really interesting as I wasn’t aware of the separate air chamber and exactly how the airbrush worked. After this was time for us to get our hands on the airbrushes.

Our first piece of work was practicing control. We learned and practiced the four different techniques of airbrushing: lines, circles, shadowing and darts. This really took some doing as I was trying to keep on the lines but moving the airbrush too slow which led to some really wonky lines !! I was pleased with how I got on with shadowing though.

After lunch, Steve had us working on some 3D plaques. These gave us the opportunity to really show how the techniques worked. I have shown in the pictures below what I managed to create……not bad for the first day eh !!


Once these were complete, we moved on to airbrushing an actual model. This was a 28mm crashed truck surrounded by sandbags. This really tested us. You can see below what I created……and not a normal brush in sight.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow when we get to do our own models. What do you reckon I should do ? 28mm M20 Greyhound Scout Car, Forest Dragon, Garden of Morr terrain, Frostgrave characters or Space Wolves ?? So much to choose from 🤔. Leave your answers in the comments below tonight and I’ll try and do as you say.

Anyway, need some rest now and I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes. Bye for now.

6 thoughts on “Airbrush Training Day 1

  1. Lee says:

    Great post and very interesting about the different techniques. I do like the picture of the eye, the texture contrast with the colours is good.

    I would go with the greyhound and if you get time try a figure of your choice.

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  2. shaun jewitt says:

    sounds like a useful course, great first work. If it’s not too late – dragons are always the coolest!

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  3. Mel says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll update the blog tomorrow with what I did today 🙂


  4. Neil Shuck says:

    Hi Mel

    Great to meet you at the weekend.
    Stupid question time – when you painted your Greyhound on Day 2, what green did you use for the base colour?
    I’m looking at the Minitaire Colour chart to see what is the best fit for Olive Drab for painting my US armour



    • Mel says:

      Hi Neil

      It was good to meet you all too.
      I didn’t use green as the base colour. I used the grey primer and then light dust with Snow White. The green on the wheels and weathering I used Olive Drab from the Badger Model flex range not the Minitaire range. That was the same green as the chap opposite you used on the 1/35 scale tank.

      I’m going to do a write up on day 2 shortly…..



  5. […] if you want another opinion of the weekend, take a look at the Battlebunkerblog, written by Mel: Day 1 & Day […]

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