Star Wars Destiny Part 1

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February 2, 2017 by Jamie

Star Wars Destiny is a new game that has recently hit the market by Fantasy Flight Games and it has taken the market by storm. Well the first thing is, how did I first get into the game. Like all other opportunities to start new armies and games, I was given both the Rey and Kylo Ren starter decks for Christmas. However I only get to use one deck as Lee has claimed my Kylo Ren deck as his own!


What is Star Wars Destiny? Star Wars Destiny is a card and dice game that is set in the Star Wars universe where you and other players can battle across many different locations that you know and love. For one game you might be commanding Count Dooku with a Nightsister and First Order Stormtrooper fighting to take control of the Jedi Temple and the next game you could be assaulting the Emperor’s Throne Room with Han Solo and Qui Gon Jin. As you have probably guessed by now you can create teams from across the different eras to fight over control of the battlefield.


Let us start with the starter decks. Each starter deck comes well packaged within its box (just like all other Fantasy Flight Games products) and also uses good quality materials to play the game. There are many good examples of this in the starter decks. The cards are printed on durable card paper just like the standard cards you may find from Fantasy Flight Games. Also the tokens are easy to pop out tokens on thick card stock. Finally the dice are quite unexpected. You may think that the pictures on the dice are just stickers stuck on. However they are actually images printed on the dice itself and then sealed over multiple times to ensure they do not get damaged when being rolled.

Inside each starter deck you will receive:

  • 2 Character Cards
  • 1 Battlefield Card
  • 1 Reference Card
  • 20 Upgrade, Support and Event Cards
  • 3 Character Dice
  • 6 Support and Upgrade dice
  • 8 Resource Tokens
  • 5 (3) damage Tokens
  • 7 (1) damage Tokens
  • 5 Shield Tokens

The characters included in each deck are as follows:

  • Rey (2 character dice, Rey starter deck)
  • Finn ( 1 character die, Rey starter deck)
  • Kylo Ren (2 character dice, Kylo Ren starter deck)
  • First Order Stormtrooper (1 character die, Kylo Ren starter deck)

By looking at the character contents you may believe that these starter decks do not seem balanced as there is only a First Order Stormtrooper against Finn and then Kylo Ren against Rey. This is certainly what I thought when I first unboxed it. However they are balanced. This is because the Kylo Ren starter deck is highly aggressive in damage output whereas the Rey starter deck is more tactical in resource gathering and shield output as well as its supports.

Finally I believe that this will be a popular dice and card game not only between us but also around the community as Fantasy Flight Games have found a niche in the market combining card games, board games, war games and all of our Star Wars fantasies together to create an exciting and immersive experience. I feel as though Fantasy Flight Games will be supporting this game for a while now with frequent releases, especially with the announced Spirit of Rebellion boosters already. As far as I can tell all of us (but especially me) will be investing a lot of money into this game with the long future life I believe this game has.

Check back soon as we show an example battle report between the three of us and also break open an Awakenings booster box.

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