Christmas 2016 ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’


February 1, 2017 by Lee

Okay so we know it’s been a while coming but finally we have got round to posting the final review of Christmas 2016. It just goes to show the time goes so fast that we all struggle to keep up. Maybe that’s why we need this hobby to get some time out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

And so we get on to the final game of Christmas 2016. This one was the real treat, the one we put all the work into. Weeks and weeks of planning, building the table, creating the rules and cards. This is the one we really kept secret !!  and it was definitely all worth it 🙂

We set up the table while everyone was getting drinks etc. I ran the first game so everyone could play. Each player selected their unit and set up on the starting line. True to the actul event, the aim was to get to the end of the valley without losing your whole unit to the immense power of the artillery placed at various points.

The game is card driven with each player having a hand of cards from which to choose their actions. Ultimately you want to be the first to reach the end of the table. The cards may either help or hinder, they may also be good for all or give opportunities to scupper the plans of your fellow gamers. Some cards give opportunities to advance while others mean destruction from the firepower of the guns.

The game was played over several turns with everyone suffering artillery hits and losing squadrons from their units. The Cossacks arrived to cause havoc from behind. Finally, Regan’s unit were victorious in riding down the guns to reach the end point of the table.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the game, wanting to immediately play again. Amazingly, all the luck was on Regan’s side as yet again he charged down the guns and rode to victory.

It was a fabulous game and one that I’m sure will be played over and over again.


One thought on “Christmas 2016 ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’

  1. Mel says:

    The game was awesome. It gave a great mix of all charging forward as a team along with the inevitable sneaky hampering of the others so we could try and win. Well done Regan for winning both games.


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