Christmas 2016 ‘Death from Above’


January 21, 2017 by Jamie

Following on from our Tanks game, we moved on massively in time… the 41st millennium !!  Our next game was our own created game of 40k.  We couldn’t decide whether to play Stormcloud Attack or Renegade Knights, so, in true Battle bunker style, we merged them together. Mum built and painted the terrain for the game and we created the table using one of  Tiny Wargames mats.

I was playing the Knight, defending what was left of my home world against the attacking hordes, well against 3 horrible Ork flyers anyway. Before we began the game, we had to decide who would play each flyer. Josh and Regan played the Dakkajets while Richard bagged the Wazbom Blastajet.

Well, in true Downing style, the majority of damage taken during the game was from the flyers colliding with each other (reminds me of many a naval game we have played 😄)

Many times the flyers would pound shot after shot into the knight, unfortunately they didn’t really manage to achieve critical damage as the random factor of the aim chart meant the shots were all over the place. It was quite funny to stay still in the middle of the table and see the carnage happening around me.

I think we spent more time laughing at the antics of the flyers than really taking the game that seriously. It was awesome. I really enjoyed playing the game.


We did find that some parts of the rules etc weren’t as clear as they could be so we will be doing more work on that soon. I am looking forward to playing another game.

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2016 ‘Death from Above’

  1. Mel says:

    Great post Jamie, the game was great. It was like deja vu seeing the collisions of vehicles. I think we do need to do more work to the game to make it flow a lot better but for a first attempt of merging two very different games, I think it went really well. I’m looking forward to being part of the next game.


  2. Lee says:

    I completely agree the game was a lot of fun. I don’t think too much work is needed, more to do with clarity. I think Jamie your plan to just sit in the middle of the table and watch the carnage going on around you was the best idea.


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