Christmas 2016 – The Preparation

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January 8, 2017 by Mel

So first I would like to say, many apologies for how long it has taken to get these Christmas posts to the blog. Things have been a little manic but hey, we are just about catching up now.

Secondly, when someone says to you that doing a few smaller games will be easier that one big game…….don’t listen !!! We thought that putting together a few games wouldn’t take much work, how wrong we were.

Ok, to put this statement into context. We decided to plan for 3 games during the day, all of which would technically be skirmish games. It’s not much to put a skirmish game on, is it ?

Game 1 was to be a game of Tanks using 28mm vehicles. This was the simplest to put together. We had most of the vehicles already, Richard had a couple and we only needed to build and paint a couple of basic Shermans and a Firefly. We already had terrain and we already had the game basics. The most work in this game was for Lee to create the playsheets which came out great.


Game 2 was a home brew game combining Renegade Knights and Stormcloud Attack. How can you do that I hear you ask ?  Well quite simply, Ork flyers storming in to defeat the mighty Imperial Knight. A game we now lovingly call ‘Death from Above’. This game certainly took some preparation. We started off with 1 Dakkajet and an Imperial Knight, we had some terrain built but none of it painted. And most of all, we had no rules and only a half baked plan…….what could possibly go wrong ?


Many nights were spent building and painting more terrain. Lee already had a Dakkajet kit for his Orks so built that one and I decided to go all out and get a Wazbom Blastajet. As I have previously mentioned, I now have an airbrush and Lee decided I should try grading from one colour to another for his jet to make it look like a streaming flaming descending at great speed. I have to say for my first attempt, I’m rather pleased with it.  My Blastajet will go into my Ork force and so matched in with ‘Da Pink Laydeez’ goth paint scheme.

We then had to come up with the combined rules from both system to create a fun quick game. I have to say it was tough to combine but we did it…..and it works really well.

And finally Game 3, the ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’. To be honest, we saw this game at a show a few years ago and always wanted to re-create it. The game is a donkey derby style race with the cavalry units of the Light Brigade getting to the end of the valley before falling foul of the guns. This one was our biggest challenge……we started with no figures, no rules and no table.  Ok, so I’ll go a little further back than that.  We wanted to put this game on last year. We bought the figures and due to being really busy, we found a miniatures painter online who would paint them for us. We sent the deposit and our figures and only saw a small selection of our stuff ever again. It was since then that we were a lot more careful who we select to do our painted stuff.

We considered the Light Brigade for this year but again needed them painted. As you have seen we have regularly used Shaun to paint our stuff (LittleNinjaPaintingService). Well he ceetainly did it again.. The figures came back superbly, just as we wanted. In the meantime, Lee had sorted out the cards and rules for the game. This just left us needing to create the game table. We have never really built a table before so this going to be a real challenge.

Lee’s father built the base board and frame. The actual base board was built using tongue and groove which work really well for the leagues along the table. Once we got it back it was getting it looking like ‘the valley of death’. As you can see from the following pictures, this happened over quite some time. We were really pleased with the end result.

My next posts will be a synopsis of our Christmas Games Day 2016.

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