Flames of War 4th Edition Declared

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December 18, 2016 by Lee


Below is a brief description from Battlefront regarding the new 4th edition………

Today we proudly officially announce that the 4th Edition of the world’s most popular historical wargame will be coming to stores in March 2017.

4th Edition is bigger (and smaller) than ever, with a new rulebook that is slimmer than previous editions but retains all the tactical challenges that you have come to expect from Flames Of War. Accompanying the book will be a massive range of new plastic models as we once again return to Mid War in the desert.

We also have a pair of new books that will be coming free (yes, FREE!) that let you keep playing Early and Late War using all the books and lists you already have, but with the newest edition of the rules.

Over the coming weeks, we are going to have plenty of information to help you understand what to expect in the new edition of Flames Of War. Today we have information on some of the changes, and the first details on the Early/Late-war books.

Stay tuned for more over the next three months. The countdown starts NOW!

I must first say that I am really excited for this as it will now give us the inspiration to finish our desert armies. Reading through their website it does seem that they have listened to he community and have taken the direction to streamline the system. I particularly like the idea of the unit cards, as for points costs making it like Team Yankee doesn’t really doesn’t bother me.  

Looking at how we can get our hands of the book is by us going into our local stockist where we present them with our hard or soft copy of the rules and they issue us a sticker granting us a copy (which I think will be a small soft back copy) of the rules and the 2 free books. This is what Battlefront done with 3rd edition and from reading the write up I think the same will apply here. We will have to wait and see……

For further information click on the link to the Flames of War website…. http://www.flamesofwar.com


Please check out our Flames of War 4th Edition (Launch) blog post.

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