Bolt Action 2nd Edition Battle Report

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December 4, 2016 by Lee

This weekend Jamie and I decided to have a bash at the new Bolt Action 2nd edition rules and the new Armies of Germany army book. We decided to play a 1,000 points each, with Jamie using his Fallschirmjager and I would use my British Airborne. Looking through the theatre sectors we decided we would select our forces from the Normandy listings.

The Army Lists we came up with is as follows :

Jamie`s Fallschirmjager all veteran

First Lieutenant (Oberleutnant)

Medic + 1 extra man

10 man Fallschirmjager Squad with 2 x LMGs, 1 x SMG, 7 Rifles, 2 x Panzerfausts

10 man Fallschirmjager Squad with 2 x SMG, 8 x  Assault Rifles, 2 x Panzerfausts

251/1 Transport


Sniper Team

Panzerschreck Team

234/1 Armoured Car


Lee`s British Airborne all veteran unless noted

First Lieutenant

Medic + 1 extra man

Forward Observer (Free, Regular)

10 man Airborne squad with 1 x SMG, 1 x LMG, 8 x Rifles

10 man Airborne squad with 1 x SMG, 1 x LMG, 8 x Rifles

10 man Airborne squad with 2 x SMG, 1 x LMG, 7 x Rifles

Medium Mortar + spotter


Piat Team

Sniper Team

Tetrarch light tank (Regular)


The table we would fight over is pictured below. The scenario we rolled for was scenario 12 (Sectors). This is where each side deploys in opposite corners and fight for control of the 2 neutral sectors and the opposing players deployment sector. Victory points are scored for each unit destroyed (1pt), units in the neutral sectors (1pt each) and 3 points for any of your units in the enemy table quarter. The game is played for 6 turns and at the end of the 6th turn a dice is rolled to see if the game ends or another turn is played, this continues for each turn after until the game ends.

Turn 1

The game started with both sides having a Preparatory Bombardment. Both sides caused a number of pins to many units but Jamie had caused first blood with me having lost a crewman from my MMG. I promptly returned the favour by taking out his assistant from his Sniper team.

So with the preparatory bombardment all done and all the dice in the bag we were ready to do battle. Jamie started well by advancing his for forward into both neutral sectors by passing any order tests that he was required to take. I on the other hand elected to spend this turn trying to rally off the pins that I had suffered before the game started, a lot of my units were starting with 2 pins. A couple of odd shots here and there but not a lot happened other than me receiving yet more pins….. Oh the main casualty on turn 1 was the loss of my free observer, taken out by the cunning shot from Jamie`s sniper.

Victory points :-

Jamie – 1

Lee – 0

Turn 2

Seeing Jamie had advanced his halftrack full of infantry on my right flank I decided to open fire with my piat team and true to fashion the piat missed. Now that was not what I wanted as I knew Jamie would unload with MG fire from the vehicle and probably dismount and open up with his infantry. I didn’t have long to wait for that as Jamie had his officer in close proximity to his halftrack and decided to use one of the new rules that allows you to activate more units depending on the level of your officer. His officer advanced and fired, causing a pin. Next his halftrack fired on my piat team and causing a pin. Then what I was not looking forward too, the assault squad dismounted from the halftrack and fired. Well, it was goodnight piat team. My medic so far I think didn’t bring any bandages with him.

As for the rest of the turn there were more cautious advances and my mortar decided to have a go, needing a 6 I failed. I advanced up 2 infantry units to help the centre and stop the rapid advance of Jamie`s assault. With careful deployment I managed to get the medic and one of the infantry sections in the neutral sector to my right. The infantry section on my left I advanced forward through the town.

As for Jamie`s armoured car and my light tank, they both advanced and fired and promptly missed each other.

Victory points :-

Jamie – 2

Lee – 0

Turn 3

Turn 3 went by very quickly, with most of my infantry continuing to advance cautiously on both flanks. Jamie seeing a possible threat from my light tank sneakily advanced his panzerschreck team around on his left flank to take a shot at my tetrarch, which failed to hit.

I opened up with both infantry sections one on the panzerschreck team which I managed to cause to wounds on taking it out of the game. The other section fired upon Jamie`s assault infantry in front of them, causing a pin and taking out a figure.

Again Jamie used his officer to issue orders to himself, the halftrack and the assault squad. all of these opened fire on the 2 infantry sections in front of them causing a pin on each and removing the NCO in one of the sections.

Both vehicles fired and missed again. My mortar yet again failed to range in on the infantry squad advancing around the town to check my section advancing towards it. My MMG fired at Jamie`s sniper team and I managed to take it out of the game.

My officer advanced to behind my mortar and MMG teams in ready for next turn to activate them both at the same time.

Victory points :-

Jamie – 2

Lee – 2

Turn 4

I started the turn by activating my officer along with the MMG and mortar. Yes you guessed it the mortar missed again, the MMG fired at Jamie`s assault squad causing another pin and taking out another figure.

Both vehicles fired at each other again and yes they too also failed to hit. Jamie again activated his officer along with the assault squad and halftrack. Jamie failed the order test to fire and went down. The halftrack and the officer fired at the infantry section in front of them taking out the NCO and the LMG.

In return the 2 infantry sections on my right elected to fire at the German assault squad, One of the sections again failed its order test, but the other caused yet another pin on the assault squad.

Jamie`s MMG had been slowly advancing with his medic and his other infantry squad around the town. But before they could advance they had to take an order test, FUBAR….they rolled double 6. They were very lucky and rolled a further 6 on the FUBAR table and ran directly away from my infantry section moving through the town and into the wood.

Victory points :-

Jamie – 2

Lee – 2

Turn 5

Jamie had the start to this turn and activated his officer along with the halftrack and his assault squad. He fired at the section in front of them which had already lost its LMG and NCO. He caused enough wounds to force me to take a morale test. Feeling very shaky they decided enough was enough and ran from the field, giving Jamie another VP. I have to say at this point my medic has been very inadequate by missing every save possible.

Things were getting very tight now for me and so I activated my officer again along with the mortar and the MMG. The officer went down, the mortar yet again missed, but the MMG fired at Jamie`s MMG and removed it from the game.

My infantry section and medic on my right started to advance further to the right and forward making sure they were in the neutral sector.

Both mine and Jamie`s infantry sections north of the town continued to fire at each other, causing pins. My sniper fired at his section north of the town and caused a pin and took out a figure.

Both light vehicles fired at each other again and missed.

Victory points :-

Jamie – 3

Lee – 3

Turn 6 and Last Turn

Very little happened this turn as both of us failed our order tests on some units. The mortar, yes you guessed it missed as well as both light vehicles. Jamie advanced his assault squad to try and cut off threat of my infantry section and medic moving around on his flank.

My sniper fired at his other section of infantry and caused a pin. My MMG fired at his assault squad and missed.

We totalled the victory points for the sectors and Jamie had 5 + 3 for units destroyed. While I had 4 for the sectors and 3 for units destroyed.

Victory points :-

Jamie – 8

Lee – 7

The final result of the game was a draw as each of us would need to have a clear 2 point advantage to win the game.

This was an interesting game using the new scenarios and some of the new rules. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to try out the blast template rules as I had a poor spotter for my mortar.

We both enjoyed the game and agreed that we will try the next battle using more regular units to see how it plays.

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