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December 1, 2016 by Mel

Ok so it’s no big secret I am a bit of a book fan….especially Black Library books……especially Limited Editions. When the chance to go to Black Library Live came about, Jamie and I jumped at the chance to go. Unfortunately Lee was working so couldn’t come along.

We drove up on the Friday night and stayed in our usual hotel. Up early on the Saturday, we drove to WHW in the hope of being fairly close to the front of the queue….big lesson learned, get there earlier next time !!! While in the queue, we were given a goodie bag with a free short book. Awesome 🙂

After a short time we got through the doors and queued ready to hit the new titles. Well, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Heading into the hall was like a dream….sad as it may seem but books and books everywhere.


Of course the first book I grabbed was Master of Mankind by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. From the looks of it, everyone was after that one. Getting that one signed was a nightmare, the queue to Aaron was unbelieveable……


I confess I kind of jumped the queue on getting Nagash….well I didn’t exactly jump the queue but spoke with one of the workers there who went ahead of the queue and grabbed me a copy (I guess that still counts as cheating the queue 🙂 ). We managed to get the final book in Jamie’s Beast Arises series.

As we moved along the queue, we saw more and more that we wanted. Jamie wanted the Blood Bowl boxed set, and the Skitarii Limited Edition book.

After that I picked up the Sons of the Forge. We found a collection of stories in a book called Honour of the Space Marines. I also picked up the new Audio book The Thirteenth Wolf.

Okay, so I guess I spent a bit more than I had planned but hey, I won’t get another chance for this for ooohhhh about another year 🙂

Once we had spent out we headed for the seminars. Our first one was about the new releases for 2017. There were some fantastic books advertised, both Jamie and I looking forward to next year.


After some lunch we went to the 40k Seminar and the Horus Heresy seminar. The end of the day came far to quickly. We went to the main hall awaiting the surprise announcement………… the Black Library Weekender will be back next year…………… we can’t wait 🙂


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