40k The big game…..


November 30, 2016 by Mel

I can only start by apologising for my lack of new entries onto our blog. Things have been so busy that time has flown by without us realising it.

So, we’re back on and have many posts to catch you all up on.

Do you remember way back when I said we were planning a big game in Warhammer World…… I needed to paint ssoooo much Tau.  Well, we did it.  The big game happened at the end of August. After much planning, well as much as we could 🙂 , we piled everything into the cars and got to WHW for opening time. We had put everything into a low level trolley and got in the lift. You know things aren’t going well when we couldn’t get out of the lift !!! Talk about a bad omen. Eventually we got it all sorted and onwards to setting up the table.

We had booked the fabulous Tau table for the whole day. After moving the terrain around and unpacking what felt like hundreds of minis we were ready to go.


The story behind the battle………

The Tau outpost had been a secure storage facility for experimental Tau technology. Hundreds of years it had gone unnoticed, the Tau Empire thriving in techno advancement never seen to any other race. That was until, quite by accident, a Tyranid army had stumbled across the settlement. Not interested in the intelligence available, the ‘nids only interest was in the destruction of the Tau enemy. Their vicious attack left none alive, or so they thought.

Hidden deep within the colony structure, a small force had survived. An Infiltration Cadre who’s primary role was to maintain the security of the Tau technology along with a supporting force were left to defend the outpost. Leaders of the small group sent a distress signal to Tau forces nearby, requesting further support. That signal was intercepted by Astra Militarum hierarchy. Desperate to learn about the hidden technology, the Guard were sent to obtain as much information as was possible, destroying the remaining Tau survivors in the race for supremacy.

So there we have it, each side built a force of 4300 points. Starting on the table were the Tau Infiltration Cadre, everything else was held was in reserve. The Tau were deployed at various strategic points on the table. The Guard started with a small attacking force, with much of the remaining army held in reserve.

Anticipating the loss of the Cadre, the Tau were quite lucky that they were able to bring the reserves into play fairly quick in the game, and were incredibly lucky in their deep strike ability. The guard advanced cautiously impeded by their own troops due to the constricted terrain.

The game started in a definite Guard advantage as many casualties were suffered by the Tau. However due to bottlenecking and some unfortunate losses, the tide turned mid way through the game. Once the Tau had their big battlesuits embedded behind cover, they were immovable.

The guard changed tactics which included the destruction of a Tau building leaving less opportunity for cover however, it was too little too late. Massive losses were inflicted on both sides but the Tau remained strong, seeing off the Militarum threat.

Everyone enjoyed the game, especially Jamie as this was the first game using his new Tau force. Many lesson were learned from the game which we can use to play future games.


One thought on “40k The big game…..

  1. Lee says:

    It was a really good weekend. The battle itself was a lot of fun and was also great to see a lot of troops on the table. Well done to both Jamie and Mel for a good solid win. It was a shame the dice gods wasn’t with Tim and myself.

    The atmosphere playing at WHW was electric and everyone from staff to gamers were all interested in our models and the outcome of the battle.


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