When virtual friends become reality….

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October 31, 2016 by Mel

As we have previously said, last weekend we went to Warhammer World for our big game (more on this on a post yet to come). Whilst there we arranged to meet up with some friends who until now we had only known in a virtual sense…..

Having met @chrisg and @victoriag on the Beasts of War forums, we have had many forum conversations but never actually met. Typical of todays society I suppose, but not the way we like to be. We all arranged to meet up at WHW.

I have to say that, with meeting new people, we were a little nervous. Would they like us ?  Would we make fools of ourselves ?  Would we all have different opinions ? Would we have anything to talk about when face to face ?

We were mad to be concerned. Chris and Victoria are some of the nicest, friendliest people we have met in this hobby. Within minutes it was as if we had all been friends for years. We found we had loads in common.

We are looking forward to meeting up again at Salute next year.


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