Conan has finally arrived….and there’s loads of it :-)

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October 31, 2016 by Mel

So way back when we first heard about the Conan Kickstarter from Monolith, I honestly couldn’t wait for the Kickstarter to go live. What we saw on the website and on the videos looked fabulous. Maybe showing our age now but seriously, to be able to play what we had seen in films in our youth was going to be awesome. And so we backed it….. and more. The game was so inviting that not only did we do the King Pledge but we also backed all three expansion sets. Let’s face it….who didn’t want it all !!!

As time wet on and we saw delay after delay, we did begin to get a bit concerned but ultimately had faith that all would be well in the end. Well it was certainly worth the wait. We were away at WHW all weekend and it was there that I got the email I’d been waiting for….. the shipping notification, albeit in French which meant I had no idea what it meant. Once I found where to get the English version, all was looking good. My parcel was ‘in transit’. Of course then panic set in…. would it be delivered while we were away and therefore go back to the depot ?? After calls to family and neighbours, we had it covered !! We needn’t have worried as it arrived this morning.

I was at work when I received this picture from Lee.


and so I couldn’t wait to get home.

well, now I have opened up the boxes and seen it in all its glory. The mini sculpts are fabulous. The cards are really high quality and as for the playing mats, they are fantastic. The thick card items are of immense quality.

These are the items from the first (main) box…..

and these are the items from the second box…..

and finally I couldn’t resist but to get the giant wolves (I am a little obsessed with wolves 🙂 )

Now it’s unboxed, I am really looking forward to the first game and painting all those minis.

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