Jamie’s 16th birthday weekend…..


October 23, 2016 by Mel

So when you ask your teenager ‘Where do you want to go for your 16th?’, what kind of response do you expect….?  Well, in true wargaming nature, Jamie decides that a day at Warhammer World is where he wants to go most. Sounds like a great idea.

We decided to leave early so we could have breakfast in the trusted ‘Toby Carvery’ outside the Woollaton Park Travelodge.. After leaving at 5.30am, what a disappointment to find the pub has now changed to something completely different. Not to be beaten however, and with technology at our fingers (well an iPhone anyway 🙂 ), we soon found another Toby within about 6 miles.  Breakfast was as good as ever and set us up ready for the day ahead.

After this we headed over to Warhammer World. Wow, the car park was really busy. I had forgotten that they were running the ‘Battle Brothers, The Great Devourer’ event along with Armies on Parade. It was certainly going to be a busy day.

Once inside, we had a chat with some of the staff who were really friendly and completely amazed that Jamie has chosen WHW for his birthday. Next stop was of course Bugmans for a quick drink while we decide what to do first. Whilst in Bugmans I had a chat with the Manageress to see if they could do a cake for Jamie. She headed off to the kitchens to chat with the staff and came back saying all was in hand 🙂 I had no idea what to expect. She then said that as a treat for Jamie she would reserve one of the booths for him for the day. That was really cool. We moved to the booth and Jamie opened his birthday present (Deathwatch Corvus blackstar).

We then decide to head into the exhibitions. It was great to see all that marvellous displays. We went into the big centre exhibition and the search for the Vindicare Assassin began. You see, if you find him in the display and tell a member of staff then you win a model. We were in there for ages when I noticed Jamie and another chap discussing it and both pointing towards a dark area beneath a bridge. Next thing I see is Jamie dashing out of the door at the top and the chap dashing out of the door at the bottom. Unfortunately Jamie didn’t win the dash, the other chap got to a staff member first. Well done !!!

Well, back to Bugmans for refreshment and then into the shops for some spending. We had already planned to get some bits for our 30k Armies and so a bit of a cash dash into Forge world. Both Lee and I were a little stressed when between us we spent best part of £100 on shoulder pads OMG !!!

Jamie got his books and then into Games Workshop store itself. I bought a large terrain set ready for a special project (follow the blog for more details !!!!) and Jamie bought the HQ command tanks he has been wanting for a while.

Lunch time was approaching so we went back to ‘our booth’ to look through our purchases. We had a quick snack and then the manageress came out to us with the most giant cookie I think we have ever seen for Jamie’s birthday. Seriously, this thing was huge!

As we knew there was no way we would get through the whole thing, we broke it into pieces and Jamie and I went around the staff to offer the cookie pieces. It was during this that the Manager of the Games Workshop store gave Jamie a collection of the Pin badges. These were fantastic. On our return to Lee, Jamie and I decided to head back into the hall and exhibitions. Lee decided to have a chill on the comfy chairs…….and promptly fell asleep……

After some time, we all chilled with a cuppa and chat about the upcoming plans for our gaming. We have to plan the game for a couple of weeks time so went back to the table we have booked to consider the layout and back story for the game. It should be great. We are up there gaming on 28th October on the Tau table so if you are about, say hello, we don’t bite, honest 🙂

To finish off the day, we went back into Bugmans as they were having a curry evening and quiz night. The curry was great and although we didn’t get very far on the quiz, loads of fun was had by all. We headed off to the hotel for the night and and took a slow travel back home on the sunday.

It was a fantastic weekend. One I would imagine Jamie won’t forget in a hurry.

One thought on “Jamie’s 16th birthday weekend…..

  1. Lee says:

    I do admit I did sneak 40 winks of sleep in the comfy chair, after working nights it had caught up on me.

    All in all it was a great weekend and again a big thank you to all the staff at WHW for making us feel very welcome.

    I look forward to our return this week to meet Chris and Victoria we met from Beasts of War and to do battle with Jamie’s Tau.


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