Guildball Battle report

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August 25, 2016 by Mel

Jamie and I had a game of Guildball a couple of days ago. Jamie decided to put his Bear on the table for the first time as part of his Hunter team. I used the Fishermen and included Greyscales and Kraken along with the standard starter set. Both of us fielded our mascots.

Jamie won the roll off and decided I should kick off. Shark kicked the ball near the centre of the pitch and the game was on…..

Jamie immediately went on the attack with the strength of his team hitting my fishermen for six. I was focused on trying to score a goal but alas the dice gods were definitely not on my side.

The game soon turned to a battle of strength and cunning using character plays. Jamie inflicted poison on many of my characters. I used Sharks legendary play to manage to catch 4 of the hunters in nets and slowed them down but this was not for long enough.

There were casualties on both side leaving us both needing to recover with icy sponges.

Finally Jamie finished the game by taking out enough to score the game ending blow.

It was a great game, lots of fun had by all and a good opportunity to learn more about the game. Can’t wait for the next game…..we are considering playing a league 🙂

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