Guildball….. The first game.


August 15, 2016 by Mel

So we were trying to decide what to play this weekend on a trip over to Firestorm Games in Cardiff and decided on trying out Guildball.

This was to be our first game, we weren’t really sure on the rules but thought we’d give it a go. After setting up the proving grounds mat, we chose to play with the starter sets using Lee’s Brewers against my Fishermen. I won the roll off and chose for Lee to Kick Off.

Not really knowing what to do, I managed to get to the ball however couldn’t really do anything else. Lee managed to take advantage and charged straight at me scoring a KD. What a start !! Not only was my Leader on the deck but Lee brought in another hairy kilted brute to really put the boot in.

Once I managed to get Shark upright, he managed to upset the proceedings by doing a character play of Caught in the Net. Two of Lee’s brutes were caught in the net. One managed to free himself only to be caught by Sirens persuasive ways, turning him against his own kind.


The play went backward and forward with players being knocked down all over the place. Lee managed to score a goal which put him well and truly in the lead.

After more swift manoeuvres, Lee managed to whittle down Shark to the point of Taking him Out. This gave him the points to enable the win. We kept the points fairly low as we knew we were on a tight timescale.

Overall it was a great first game. I’m not sure we really got to grips with the rules and so more games need to be done over the next few days along with studying of the rules.

One thought on “Guildball….. The first game.

  1. Lee says:

    It was great to finally get the miniatures on the table. Yes we didn’t know all the rules but we still had a fun game.


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