Unboxing…….. Battle Systems Urban Apocalypse Terrain Kickstarter

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August 14, 2016 by Mel

Well, I haven’t posted since the holiday due to trying to catch up on all that has happened while we were away but we are well and truly back now. So, back on to what we should be doing…………bringing anything good to you through our blog.

We have been expecting this one through the post and were certainly not disappointed. This is the Battle Systems Urban Apocalypse Terrain Kickstarter.

I have to say, considering seeing the pictures on the Kickstarter, I was expecting a huge parcel. Well, when I got it from the posty, I thought it a bit small. Maybe there had been a mistake.

There was no mistake, it was so brilliantly packed that excess packaging was not necessary. Everything that is advertised is in there, really well packed into a very sturdy, neat box.

On opening the box, the first item you get is the game mat. This material mat is of really good quality. The print is superb, really vibrant colours.

Opening the cards, there were several cards. All were printed double side with incredibly detail. Again, the print quality was fabulous.

And then there was more, the stretch goals unlocked during the campaign…

Finally, we had included the Fire Station add on. Again, awesome printing. I really cant wait to put it all together.

Finally the clips to put it all together. These are small plastic clips which slot onto the terrain to hold it together.

Hopefully I can get some time over the next couple of weeks to put the set together and  will get some pictures shown of it. We cant wait for the Mantic Walking Dead kickstarter to arrive so we can try it out on this terrain…..

As it says on the Do’s and Don’ts sheet above, the assembly instructions can be found on Battle Systems Tutorials

We hope you have found this unboxing useful. If so, please click on the ‘like’ button and feel free to follow the blog for more articles.

Tomorrow, I will be doing a review of our first game of Guildball…. see you then 🙂

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