Holiday 2016 day 15


July 25, 2016 by Lee

The day we travel home…..

Well I wish we could say that it was a nice lazy start but as Mel’s phone went off at 7am from the UK with a nuisance call about ‘i hear you’ve been in an accident….’, well it was an early start. Ok maybe not so much for me and Jamie who went back to sleep for a bit!!

Mel and Jamie got up not long after and went to get some tea. After getting ourselves organised and packing, we went for breakfast where I eventually got my eggs Benedict. It was worth the wait.

We got the metro to the shopping centre and browsed for a while before getting back to the hotel to get the suitcases…..and that’s where we are now. Waiting for the shuttle to arrive to take us to the airport.

I can honestly say that the holiday has been everything we hoped for and more.. we saw more than we expected and learned a lot about the history of the country. We have seen the differences in culture between the US and the UK and also between the differing states within the US itself.

We hope you have enjoyed the blog of our holiday, if so, please comment and press the like button on any posts you read. Also, please continue to follow the blog for all the other things we do.


One thought on “Holiday 2016 day 15

  1. Ian Spice says:

    Fantastic blogs by you all. Enjoyed reading them all. Just makes me want to go ourselves now. Next May cant come soon enough lol. Safe journey home ya all and look forward to catching up properly soon. So all in all thats a big ten four good buddies.

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