Holiday 2016 Day 14

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July 25, 2016 by Jamie

So it is down to me to write the beginning of the end. Tonight is not only our last night in the Omnishorham hotel but also in America. Whilst we had good plans today to do a lot of things, this didn’t really happen due to time. However we did manage to do White House pictures, White House Visitor Centre and the American Indian Museum.

It was really busy at the White House as you may expect. As we were walking down to the White House we were walking along the street next to a hockey match that was happening next to us in the middle of the street. It was quite amusing to think how we dare not do anything like that back home whereas over here it was acceptable. When we arrived at the White House we took many pictures of it. There were a lot of guards protecting the White House in the street. These guards were apparently meant to be a secret service  but they were not that much of a secret considering they had secret service written on a patch on their uniform. In any case they were armed so you still would not mess with them. Also you could see at the top of the White House there were snipers set up on the roof. They are there ready to shoot anyone who would get too close. We were told this yesterday on our tour by our tour guide.

After taking some pictures we then went down to the White House Visitor Centre where we learnt some new funny facts that we never knew and also saw the new table for team yankee being White House down. One of the facts we learnt was that as soon as President Ronald Reagan took over as President he ordered 3 tons of jelly beans for the White House this was so that each room would have jelly beans in because he loved jelly beans.

After this we went to the Smithsonian museum of American Indians. Here we first off stopped for lunch of tacos for me and buffalo burgers for mum and dad. After this we went upstairs to the top floor to start. This may seem weird to us but that seems to be the norm for nearly all American museums. The top floor had a theatre which we sat in to watch a small film about how the tribe is represented from previous ones up to now. It was an interesting  film because it was very interactive and there wasn’t just one screen in front of you but also the ceiling had different images as well as the ground. It was very enjoyable and we felt as if we were part of the tribe ( especially dad who was getting in the spirit as you could put ). We then ventured around the museum and learnt about how the tribes are different from one each other from how they act and also their beliefs.

After leaving the museum we got on the bus to get back to the metro. We went past more monuments including the Washington monument, known as the pencil.


During our journey we travelled through Chinatown and spotted a restaurant called Fuddruckers. It’s slogan was ‘Fudds in the City’s. I found this really amusing and figured that mum and dad should have stopped there but instead we went on straight to the metro. On the way, we stopped outside Fords Theatre where President Abraham Lincoln was killed.

After getting off of the metro we went for a small bite for eat for tea and then went back to the hotel in order to write this blog post. If we have time then we will do a blog post tomorrow of the finale of Wilkins take America but if not this is me signing off and we will be back to normal after the recovery.

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