Holiday 2016 day 10

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July 21, 2016 by Lee

Our plan for today was to visit Culps Hill via Cemetery hill and then MacPhersons Ridge. We decided to walk to Culps Hill, which was about 2 mi!es. This was quite a trek up and down hills. However the trek was worth it once we got there. On the way we past many monuments as you can see from the photos below.

Once we reached Culps Hill we climbed the observation tower to see the battlefield from a high up view.

After this we walked to Spangler’s Springs which was the extreme right hand tip of the fishhook union defence. It was a natural spring on the south base of Culps Hill, which seen a lot of fighting during the 2 & 3 July 1863. The spring changed hands many times with both sides seeking water.

After this we continued walking to the Visitors Centre to have a quick refreshment break before catching the bus to Seminary Ridge and MacPherson Ridge. On the way to the Visitors Centre we past a couple of houses that had been Hospitals during the war.

Once we got to Seminary Ridge we could see across toMacPhersons Ridge clearly, this is where Maj.Gen Reynolds infantry (initially the Iron Brigade) linked up with Buford’s cavalry and began to engage the Confederates of Heth’s division.

We visited the Seminary Ridge Museum which was part of the house from which Buford surveyed the battlefield from the rooftop cupola. The most interesting fact we found out was that nearly 600 wounded and dying men from both sides were placed in there during the battle with no medical aid. Also, once the town had fallen on the first day of the battle the Confederate forces took all the medical supplies from the building.

After this it was a walk back into Downtown Gettysburg for some tea. We found a great place called The Pub which served really awesome food. We all had a soup and salad dish which consisted of a huge bread roll which was filled with the soup…..well look for yourself what it was like.

And that’s it for another day, tomorrow there will be more from day 2 & 3 of the battle.

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