Holiday 2016 Day 7

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July 19, 2016 by Jamie

Day 7

Day 7 was the final day of Historicon and with a final look around the games vendors and flea market I was still able to find some money to be able to buy more toys. This was on the flea market I bought my dust tactics ssu heavy weapons teams. Not too much was going on today so at about 11:00 we left the Expo Centre after watching the end of Star Wars The Force Awakens. 

After leaving the Expo Centre we went to Wegmans (again) and sat down to get some hot food. After this we had a final look around the store and travelled back to the hotel one last time. When we got back it was mainly a case of packing the suitcases ready for the next day ( except for the essentials of course ). In the hotel Dad was absorbing in all of what he had noticed throughout the week and had to finally let out a good snore to take a rest. During this time me and Mum decided to do all of the laundry, packed and started to learn the new card game I won from being the most notorious player yesterday. Whilst learning the game Dad woke up and saw us playing. He thought he was asleep for only half an hour but in fact it was about 2 hours 30 minutes. We made a decision now that he was awake to go downstairs with this card game and also the Imperial Assault products I bought earlier.

When we went downstairs we started off playing some rounds of the card game ( Rebs and Yanks ). This went extremely well and in the end we each one the same number of battles between each other.

After this we played Imperial Assault. The mission was a special campaign mission from the ISB infiltrators pack. The teams were split with Mum and Dad on the Rebel heroes side and me on the Imperial side. Their force consisted of a Jedi warrior, a diplomat, Lando Calrission and Obi Wan Kenobi. My force on the other hand was two ugnaught tinkerers, one unit of ISB infiltrators, Agent Blaise, Bossk and finally The Grand Inquisitor. As you can see from the photo above Dad managed to somehow get drunk on coka cola. At about 10:00 we went back to the room for one final sleep in Fredericksburg.  

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