Holiday 2016 day 6


July 17, 2016 by Lee

So today is a day of not so many pictures. But no fear, we do have a few.

I started early today at 8am with a game of Beneath the Lily Banners. There was only 5 of us out of 6 that woke early for the game. We had 3 attackers, with myself and James being the Jacobites making a valiant defense. Here is the brief background to the battle.

Captain Adam Murray leads a sally from the walls of a besieged Derry in an attempt to clear lines of communication to the north of the city, confronting the Jacobites at the crossing of penny burn mill. Can the weak defenses at the mill hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive or will Murray’s impetuous assault threaten the Jacobite siege?

In our defensive position we had 3 loose order raw forelock units and a light gun. We also had a unit of infantry in each of our camps which we had to roll for each turn to try and wake them up. The attackers had 4 squadrons of cavalry, 2 of which charged very quickly over the bridge at us and with other 2 advancing towards our left flank supported by a ship with light guns and a unit of infantry.

We managed to beat back the advancing cavalry on the bridge for now and we also managed to slow the other cavalry. Reinforcements were coming on for the enemy in very quick succession, but our attempts were poor (surmounting in a lot of Downing rolls by our side). By turn six we were losing ground as the enemies numbers were beginning to tell, but by the end of that turn we managed to get our reinforcements on the table albeit not in the position we wanted.

This proved to be a little too late, at the end of turn 7 I attached the army commander to a unit of infantry in a last gallant heroic charge to recapture the centre. This proved to be too much for the unit as they lost the melee and routed, the army commander got caught up in the confusion and was killed.

Turn 8 saw the enemy numbers prevail and they advanced to capture the objective. Hats off and a big thanks go out to Barry Hilton and Clarance Harrison from the League of Augsburg for putting on the game and providing a great table to play on. Also congratulations goes to the enemy players who fought well and were very good sportsmen.

Mel and Jamie started their first ever at 10am with a basic painting class followed by an advanced painting class. We then all were supposed to have a class painting tanks but I was already involved in another game and so I missed it. Mel and Jamie went though and created some great painted Stugs.

At this time I was playing a game of tabletop football. Yes you guessed it correctly a miniatures tabletop game with 2 premier league teams (Leicester City vs Arsenal). Again there were 6 of us with 3 per side, with each of us controlling a number of players. This was a fast paced fun game, with Arsenal taking an early lead. From the restart we managed to put together some great passing and movement but 1 of our players were brought down. In the ensuing freekick Drinkwater crossed the ball into the box and the keeper managed to punch it clear, but only as far as Jamie Vardy who instinctively took a shot at goal and scored (1 – 1).

From the restart the ball went back and forth but we were playing for half time. A couple of Arsenal players picked up yellow cards during this period. Half time came and we were just holding on. Arsenal kicked off the second half and aggressively went on the attack. Within a couple of turns Arsenal had scored again (1 – 2). It wasn’t long before they scored again, but by now it was getting close to full time. The play went back and forth until Arsenal scored again (1 -3), we were totally caught unawares with that one. We kicked off again but our dice roll were getting poor and that allowed Arsenal to score again (1 – 4). Lucky for us the final whistle went and it was game over. This was such a fun game that I bought the rules (Corner Kick) to play at home.

Mel went on to do a hands on airbrushing class while Jamie and I sat chatting to a chap named Paul who was very interested in British culture. I told him about fish and chips, cream teas, proper tea and the Wurzel’s ….. well, what more can I say, apart from that we do not talk like Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins !!!!

Once Mel was back we prepared ourselves for the Battle of Little Big Horn. The first thing was to be picked for our sides. Jamie and I asked to be the cavalry whereas Mel stayed as an Indian player. Jamie was chosen to be young Tom Custer.

Each side went into their own huddle to discuss tactics and be assigned their units. This was point where we found out that we were playing with Russian Napoleonic cavalry and Arabs as the Indians. The chap who should have brought the actual figures had to be at the hospital with his wife who went into labour!!! To be honest, it didn’t matter, the game went on…..

Unfortunately we found that General Custer wanted to perform some really odd tactics which left us surrounded really quickly. The game was over in 2 hours instead of the expected 4 hours.

Despite this we met some great guys playing the game and it was more of a social event. Jamie was nominated to win a prize for most notorious player.

And so we are at the end of another day, it will be a bit quiet from us until we get up to Gettysburg on Monday afternoon where we have to work out another travel system to get around. In the meantime, We will leave you with a few more gnomes to keep you amused.

One thought on “Holiday 2016 day 6

  1. Ian Spice says:

    Sounds like a busy day for all mate. You dress up well as cavalry and as for Mel pocahontas…. well. Look forward to the next updates. Have fun ya all.


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