Holiday 2016 day 5

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July 16, 2016 by Lee

The itinerary for today was pretty relaxed for all of us. We only had a couple of things booked for the day.

So after breakfast we went across to the Expo Centre for 9.0am for our first booked event. This was a lecture on the battle of Isandlwana but mainly focusing on the 3 Cs (command, control and communication). This proved to be an interesting talk as it seems from more recent articles that the British forces were not facing a rabble army. In fact it could be argued that it was a citizen army based along the lines of the ancient Greek method. This is where citizens would come together during the year to either train or fight. Then in the autumn they would return back home to harvest the crops for the rest of the year.

The whole lecture lasted for an hour and a half with lots of questions being asked and possible myths being dispelled. But what can’t be excused was the poor leadership that Chelmsford gave. His major failing was not listening or reacting to reports and the splitting of his force camped at Isandlwana. We all came away from the lecture wanting to know more, especially the idea that the Zulus fought in a series of smaller skirmish units more than the big warbands as once thought.

Following the lecture we spent the rest of the day walking around the trade hall and the various gaming halls.

Later in the afternoon about 4pm we headed over one of the gaming halls for our second booked event. This was a 28mm ECW game hosted by Nigel Marsh, using his computer programming Carnage and Glory 2. The battle we fought was Edgehill. There were 8 players and the 3 of us were on the parliamentarians side with another guy Bill. As any of you may know this battle wasn’t a great ending for Parliament and so we just thought hey, it’s only a game…just enjoy it.

The first three turns were purely artillery fire on both sides. This started whittling down the numbers but on the whole wasn’t devastating for either side. On turn 4 we started infantry movement. We had cavalry on both flanks controlled by Bill and myself. Mel and Jamie were controlling the infantry in the centre. Bill held his cavalry back preparing for what may come later in the game whereas I decided to push on forward. Mel and Jamie formed up along the hedge line which provided some cover. They kept a second line of infantry back as reserve.

The next few turns were quite entertaining. I charged with my cavalry and pushed back the Royal flank. Bill held steady as his opponent had decided to attempt a flank manoeuvre. Mel and Jamie held the line while their opponents gradually advanced forward. Next I managed to completely decimate the flank. Bill sent his cavalry forward into the charge as his opponent had left his front very weak while he concentrated on the flank. Jamie had given 3 infantry units to Bill to support his flank. Bill formed one of these into square to protect against the flanking cavalry. One of the flanking units had Prince Rupert attached who we managed to capture.

The Royalist then conducted a brave charge along the front line throwing all their units forward. We thought we would be in trouble until we noticed that the centre opponent had attached King Charles to one of the charging units. The unit charged into Jamie’s infantry who decided to stand and fire at the charging unit. Guess what happened…….. Jamie killed the King. Well, that really was the start of the end. The Royalist morale started to seriously fail which meant we ended with a Parliamentary victory.

We found this to be a good fun game. We will definately be getting a copy of the game and can’t wait to try it out at home. A special thanks goes to Nigel Marsh who was the games master running the game and inputting all the information into the computer. I thin Nigel had as much fun running the game as we did playing it.

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