Holiday 2016 Day 4

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July 15, 2016 by Mel

It’s finally here… Historicon 2016 has arrived.

After breakfast we headed across to the Expo Centre. This was the first difference to our shows in the UK…there was no queue. We walked straight in the door, the show parts weren’t open yet so we could sit in one of the rest areas and watched Transformers. We had a chat with a couple of gamers who seemed to do the US circuit.

At 10am our first itinerary item started which was the Shantytown buildings. All of us did this event which was great. It was like a scene from Blue Peter sticking bits of anything together with glue. The buildings need painting but considering they were scratch built, I don’t think we did too bad.

After this it was a quick break before Jamie and I headed for the next hobby class – painting skin tones. This was an interesting class where not only did we learn the layering of skin tones but also the differences with using different undercoat.

While we were there Lee looked around the games and the vendor hall. He was particularly impressed by the Beneath the Lily Banners game.

Jamie and I then went on to do some painting of Gauls. This was a good class where we were learning how to paint tartan.


We then went on to an airbrushing basics class where we learned how to look after our airbrush. Following this was a brief pitstop for some much needed food and then on to the evenings game – Gnome Wars.

This was a very loud, excitable game in which we didn’t really know what we were doing. Each of us commanded a warband of about 20 Swiss gnomes. There were others with highlanders, Sikh, Irish leprechauns, Aussie light horse (mounted on kangaroos). We were all fighting against the WW1 German gnomes and a small unit of confederates.

All was going well until the zombie gnomes turned up at point we were completely baffled as to what to do. My Cheese thrower (don’t ask!!) made a successful shot of cheese to cover a band of Germans cowering in a building. They couldn’t escape and so died of cheese suffocation (again, don’t ask !!!). Unfortunately the second cheese shot was not successful ( I rolled a Downing 1) and managed to cover myself in cheese. Luckily, one of my gnomes had a cutting weapon which meant i could save 6 gnomes before the unfortunate demise of the rest.

Jamie managed to completely wipe out the confederates by attacking with his bears and wolves. Lee seemed quite content with marching around with his St Bernard (which he named Snorbitz).

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