Holiday 2016 Day 2


July 13, 2016 by Lee

Hi again, well, day 2 of the holiday and today’s plan was to visit  the Fredericksburg Military Park and National Cemetery. We started off the day with a fab breakfast in the hotel where Jamie had a fresh cooked waffle with cream… yum!

After breakfast, we decided to catch the bus to the park…well this wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Being complete novices in the whole bus system here, we didn’t actually know what bus to catch or where to catch it!!! We spent a good hour figuring it out. We got the bus from outside Walmart and got to Fred Central. This was definitely an experience!!  We then asked advice on how to get to the Visitor Centre… well if anyone else out there is doing the same thing, get on the Fredbus F3, it takes you outside the door!!

So we got there and found a really interesting museum. There was to be a walking tour about an hour after we got there so we took a bit of time to look around and do a bit of souvenir shopping.

And then the tour started. The lady leading the tour was very knowledgeable albeit a little biased. You could easily see that it was a turkey shoot for the confederates in the sunken road on Maryes Heights shooting down the hill to the on coming Union army. Many Union soldiers lost their lives trying to take the hill.

We carried on into the tour and saw some awesome sights



We have many more photos from here.

Following our visit we then decided it was time for dinner. We dropped into Wegmans and oh boy weren’t we surprised. Wegmans is a supermarket with a difference. There is a cooked food court where you load up your containers and then they are coated by a standard cost. This is what we did and it was great.

Tomorrow we intend to go to downtown Fredericksburg for a further look around.

Bye for now

One thought on “Holiday 2016 Day 2

  1. Ian Spice says:

    So much history so well preserved by the looks of it. Had to chuckle though at the photos of the fences and how accurate yours were to them on your 2015 christmas battlefield. This is becoming my evening reading lol enjoying sharing your adventure. Look forward to what you discover downtown…. I bet it will involve food aomewhere as this seems to be the second theme on each blog lol…. not complaining though as an army marches….


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