Historicon 2016….oh so close now….

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July 3, 2016 by Mel

Well, here we are, its the weekend before we leave and I really can’t wait….. no I mean I really can’t wait, I have all the packing done and am ready to go………

To give you a flavour of our itinerary for the whole adventure, here goes……

We leave the house early and I really do mean early ! We have the taxi booked to get us to London Heathrow and then on we fly to Dulles International in Washington DC. This is the first hurdle as this is the first time Jamie has been on a plane and hell, why not have your first go with an 8 hours trip !!!

Once we get to Dulles, we have a transfer booked to get us to Fredericksburg. We are staying in the Hampton Inn and Suites just outside the Expo centre (recommended on the Historicon website). So we have a couple of days exploring Fredericksburg Civil War battle sites as well as Old Town Fredericksburg (the childhood home of George Washington). It will be great taking the Gondola Lift over the Rappahannock River (pictures to follow once we’re there 🙂 )

Hampton Inn

HISTORICON 2016 here we go, 4 days of games, hobby and seminars to keep us busy from breakfast to well, very very late !!! For the planned itinerary see our previous post.

Well, the American adventure doesn’t end there……… On Monday we transfer from Fredericksburg to Gettsysburg. This has been a life long dream for Lee to visit the battlefields of Gettysburg. We are staying in the Quality Inn, Gettysburg. Hopefully we will be able to book a battlefield tour while we are there.

Then on Friday we transfer to Washington DC. We will be staying at the OmniShoreham. Seriously, what a hotel……….


Places we would like to visit in Washington are White House (let’s face it, everyone has to go there, it’s like the Americans wanting to visit Stonehenge !!), the Vietnam Veterans memorial, the Lincoln memorial, the National WW2 memorial, Fords Theatre, the Arlington National Cemetary, the Pentagon and if we get time, Chinatown.  That is a really packed plan as we are only there three days as late on Monday we go back to the airport for an overnight flight home.

We get back in the UK on Tuesday morning. After all that, I think we will need another holiday to get over that one !!!!

As I said at the start……… I CAN’T WAIT 🙂

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