Nothing like a deadline to get you working…..Part 2

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July 2, 2016 by Mel

Well, as promised the game went ahead despite, like every generals plan, it all goes south once the first shots are fired…..

Firstly, one army had deserted (Tims Black Templers have gone walk about) and so a quick reshuffle of resources was necessary. Secondly, the grand plan for painting went out the window due to other unforeseen circumstances. But despite all the twists and turns, the game went ahead.

Deployment wise, we diced for corners and set up as per the rules, well, when I say ‘set up’, I mean Lee’s entire army were coming on as deep strike Deathwing assault !!
End of first turn, Lee and Tim were ahead by 2 victory points however the heavy bolters from the Space Wolves certainly dealt some killing blows.

Turn 2 and The Deathwing assault happened, well most of it anyway apart from the one unit of terminators that decided to scatter onto a building….. It was like a scene from St Mare Eglise. Lee managed a ‘Downing’ roll of a 1 and the unit disappeared. Jamie brought in his drop pod and really tied up the centre and his side of the table.
Turn 3 was quite bloody with many casualties on both sides. More victory points were gained by both sides.
Turn 4 and the game was brought to a swift end where Mel and Jamie conceded the game due to high casualties and a check mate situation on the warlord. There was no way back due to victory points difference.

It was a great game however, lots of lessons learned and lots more homework to do before the big game at Warhammer World in October.

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