Dark Deeds Card Game


June 12, 2016 by Lee

After seeing Dark Deeds at Salute, it seemed very popular as the stand and demo table was busy all day. So, on a recent trip to Firestorm Games in Cardiff, we decided to pick up a copy. They say great things come in small parcels, well this certainly holds true in this game.

The rules come in a small booklet form and follow a structure that is quite easy to learn. Also included in the box is a d12, a tavern and street decks of cards. Also included is the game mat which is of mouse mat material with rubber backing. As you can see from the picture above you also get a small hessian bag which holds the counters and player turn counter. The box itself is very sturdy and has very good artwork.

Dark Deeds is a game for 2 – 5 players, with each player controlling a minion in the pay of a patron who is after riches and rewards (at your possible expense).

The Game Decks

The Street Deck – this is placed on the space provided on the mat. It consists of all kinds of people who wander down the street. These can include –

Citzens – These wander down the street and may have useful loot that you may want to rob.

Guards – These are annoying obstacles which get in the way. You can fight the guard or try and sneak past him to a better target.

Nemesis – These are individuals who pose a particular threat. They may be a high value target or a subject of an assassination plot.

The Tavern Deck – this is placed to one side of the street. It consists of plot, loot and dark deeds cards.

Plot cards – These are under hand dealings to gain some favour.

Loot cards – These indicate useful items which you can later gain by robbing the right type of person.

Dark Deeds Cards – These are contracts of assassination of a particular named nemesis.


So our first experience of Dark Deeds had 3 playing – myself, Jamie and Mel. Despite shuffling the street deck, we faced high level nemesis from the start (just our luck and with no Downing aura present). We were very lucky to have no guards to start with, this gave us the opportunity to rob some reasonable loot.

Mel took on some high nemesis which unfortunately resulted in her arrest. Jamie and I managed to evade arrest by using plots. It was a good mechanic in the game to track the number of points you’ve gained as nobody knows who’s won until the end. Your successes gained you points, failure means you are becoming notorious and are being hunted and unless you lose your hunters then you end up losing points.

The final result was very close between Jamie and myself although, I had a slight advantage. Due to our devious plotting Mel ended up with negative points.

Overall the gameplay was lot of fun and the game has a great replay ability. If you enjoy games where you play as a team to beat the rising odds, but with a taster of underhand plotting then this is the game for you.

One thought on “Dark Deeds Card Game

  1. Mel says:

    This was a great game. It was full of deception and teamwork rolled into one. Absolutely recommended as game to take on holiday or for the night before salute !!


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