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June 7, 2016 by Mel

The Battle Bunker Gaming Group are a collection of like minded wargamers and friends who get together to have fun. After all there is precious little time available for hobbies and so we make sure that we enjoy what we do….. We don’t take it too serious, let’s face it, we are a group of grown adults playing battles with toy soldiers !!!!!


Based in Wiltshire and Somerset, we meet up on an ad hoc basis to play wargames, board games, card games, and well just for laughs really. Our games include all genres…. historical, fantasy, sci fi etc etc. You name it, we play it !!! From skirmish games through to large scale battles

Group members are………….


 Lee was first introduced into the hobby through D&D at the age of 12. He played along with a group of school friends. At 17, his interest soon developed into historical wargames when he joined Devizes & District Wargames Club. This is where he met Frank who introduced him to Gary who he has now shared the hobby with for several years.


Mel’s first introduction to wargaming was when she met Lee. This started as an interest in 10mm and 25mm ACW.  From there, many genres of gaming have captured her attention. Not really having much success in the games, Mel particularly enjoys the building and painting side of the hobby. She spends time building for 4ground especially in the run up to Salute.


Jamie has been wargaming, well, since birth I suppose. Born into a gaming family he really had no choice. Jamie’s interest is more in Sci-fi and Fantasy gaming especially 40k and AoS. He has developed an interest in Imperial Assault and well, all things Star Wars.

The Downing Clan

We met the Downing Clan at Triple Helix Wargames in Westbury where we spotted them playing an ACW game using Black Powder rules. Richard particularly enjoys historical gaming with mass battles being his preference, he also has a natural talent for dice rolls of ‘1’. Josh seems content to play just about anything and is always keen to try out anything new. Out of them all, Josh learns the rules. Regan also takes part in all manner of games but has a particular talent in Naval games of ramming his own team’s ships.


The idea of this blog is to share regular updates on what we’re doing. We hope to include battle reports, product reviews, hobby time and well, whatever else we can think of.

Please feel free to comment on any of the posts and if you’ve enjoyed it please may we ask you to press the ‘like tab’. This way we will be able to see what interests you the community.

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