Nothing like a deadline to get you working…..


June 6, 2016 by Mel

So to set the scene, we have organised our weekend plans to show who’s choice of game is set on which weekend. In 2 weeks, Jamie has the choice and so in preparation of our planned Warhammer World weekend in October, he has decided we should start playing more smaller games of 40k to make sure we are totally confident with the rules, army special rules etc etc etc.

So the challenge is that 4 players will each put on a 900 point force. Players will be teamed into 2 sides. Rules for the game are :-

forces must be formations chosen from current codex / supplement books.

no named characters can be chosen.

so with that in mind, we have all gone for Marine type forces.

Jamie has his Ultramarines obviously !!! Formation is the 1st company task force.

Lee has his Dark Angels using a Deathwing Redemption force formation.

Tim is using Black Templers in a Battle Demi company.

and I am taking Space Wolves in a Greatpack formation.

so when I say ‘nothing like a deadline to get you working’, I mean work is now on to make sure models are built and painted in time……

will we make it in time ??  Follow the blog to find out.


4 thoughts on “Nothing like a deadline to get you working…..

  1. chaingun73 says:

    My force is a Deathwing Redemption force. I will say though for 900pts you don’t get much in the army, but then again it is terminators after all……😄

    My list is as follows :

    1 Dark Angel Librarian upgraded to mastery level 2.

    1 x 5 man terminator unit, with one chain fist and one assault cannon.

    2 x 6 man terminator units, with one chain fist and one assault cannon.

    Apart from the librarian all the terminators are from the Dark Vengeance box sets.

    For me I’ve always liked the dark mystery behind the Dark Angels chapter since the Hersey and I especially like Deathwing arm of the army. I only hope they play as well as I’ve read about them.

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  2. galadriel72 says:

    Well, everything is now built. Just 12 days to get it all painted. Aarrgghhhh!!


  3. slifer2000 says:

    And now for my list:

    5 man terminator squad, with one chainfist and one assault cannon
    5 man terminator assault squad, with one thunder hammer and storm shield man
    5 man sternguard veteran squad, with grav pistol and power sword sergeant, one heavy flamer, one grav gun, one combi melta and one combi plasma
    Drop pod with death wind launcher and locator beacon
    Land raider crusader with extra armour and multi melta.

    As you can tell a powerful list but no HQ. Good job Mel with her space wolves is on my side.

    I have always loved the Ultramarines and who doesn’t. My ultramarine force has given me the best win :loss record and when I do lose I don’t care because this will always be my favourite army. I am currently working on a Horus Heresy Ultramarine legion so that will be up soon.

    PS Lee’s terminator librarian is actually my model that he has borrowed, (we are always laughing over steamforged games trip to America and taking the coffee mug).

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  4. Mel says:

    Reblogged this on battlebunkerblog and commented:

    Well, as promised the game went ahead despite, like ever generals plan, it all goes south once the first shots are fired….. Firstly, one army had deserted (Tims Black Templers have gone walk about) and so a quick reshuffle of resources was necessary. Secondly, the grand plan for painting went out the window due to other unforeseen circumstances. But despite all the twists and turns, the game went ahead.
    Deployment wise, we diced for corners and set up as per the rules, well, when I say ‘set up’, I mean Lee’s entire army were coming on as deep strike Deathwing assault !!
    End of first turn, Lee and Tim were ahead by 2 victory points however the heavy bolters from the Space Wolves certainly dealt some killing blows.
    Turn 2 and The Deathwing assault happened, well most of it anyway apart from the one unit of terminators that decided to scatter onto a building….. It was like a scene from St Mare Eglise. Lee managed a ‘Downing’ roll of a 1 and the unit disappeared. Jamie brought in his drop pod and really tied up the centre and his side of the table.
    Turn 3 was quite bloody with many casualties on both sides. More victory points were gained by moth sides.
    Turn 4 and the game was brought to a swift end where Mel and Jamie conceded the game due to high casualties and a check mate situation on the warlord. There was no way back due to victory points difference.
    It was a great game however, lots of lessons learned and lots more homework to do before the big game at Warhammer World in October.


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