How can we pay the army? ECW Battle Report


June 1, 2016 by Lee

The Following is an account of an ECW “what if” battle report that the Battle bunker gaming group carried out a while back.


Setting the scene – The year is 1645 just after the battle of Naseby, with the fear of not being able to pay or fund extra mercenaries for his army, King Charles is desperate.

The King has received a Despatch of a rumour that the parliamentarian paymaster general with a small escort is making his way to link up with the New Model army.

Will capturing this be easy pickings or a challenge for King Charles’ depleted army?


On this occasion it proved too much for King Charles. His army was caught by surprise by Lord Levens’ coventer force which came to the aid of the Parliamentarian escort to the paymaster general.


This was a fun battle to play where prizes were awarded for various achievements, for instance Jamie won the main prize for the most bloodiest general commanding the coventer force. Also we gave out chocolate coins as each part of the pay was retrieved or stolen. The rules used were a home grown set which allowed for events and random conditions to occur and effect the game.

One thought on “How can we pay the army? ECW Battle Report

  1. galadriel72 says:

    After spending ages painting the scots for Jamie, he then went and beat me with them….. It was yet another great game for the group.

    Liked by 1 person

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