Historicon 2016


May 24, 2016 by Mel

Well, that’s it….. Everything now booked. We bought the tickets today and booked ourselves onto the games, seminars and hobby university events. We have quite a packed itinerary. Seriously can’t wait now !!

Thursday 14th July

Shantytown USA – time to build shanty buildings ready for Mogadishu

Painting Skintones – well I do have thousands of celts, Zulus, and many other  figures that are mainly bare chested !

Army Painting Gauls – really looking forward to this.

Airbrushing Basics – well I have the airbrush, best learn how to use it.

Gnome Wars – fun packed game defending the brewery.

Friday 15th July

Seminar – Isandlwana

Day for finding new shiny stuff and just looking around

ECW Edgehill – Opportunity to try out Carnage and Glory II.

Saturday 16th July

Painting for beginners – it never hurts to go back to basics

Advanced beginners – and then a little bit more !!

Painting Tanks – can’t wait to get more info on weathering techniques

Airbrushing Hands on – unfortunately only I managed to get on this one as it was fully booked but will be great to get some practical experience

Battle of Little Big Horn – this should be awesome. It is a 1:1 ratio game for 26 players. It’s going to be massive !!

Sunday 17th July

Time to do a final look around to see what we missed.

So, after all this, I think a rest may well be in order. It should be a great event that all of us are really looking forward to. We hope to do regular updates on this blog so don’t forget to check us out during Historicon 2016

One thought on “Historicon 2016

  1. chaingun73 says:

    Not long to go now. I think we’ve chosen a good selection of games, hobby and lecture seminars to keep us entertained.

    Liked by 1 person

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