Salute 2016


May 1, 2016 by Mel

So Salute was awesome yet again. What can I say…… The normal manic run around to see everything, spend far too much money and still come away thinking what did I miss !!

Of course, for us it all started on the Friday. We arrived in London at lunchtime to take the final building for one of the 4ground tables. This led to Lee and I helping the guys at 4ground set up. Unfortunaly Jamie couldn’t help due to age restrictions much to his disgust (never mind mate, next year you can help!!).


After this it was back to the hotel.  As usual, the evening consisted of food, drinks and a game with the rest of the Battle Bunker Crew. This year we were joined by Debi and Rachel, welcome to you both.

Saturday was an early start, got to get in the queue early as you can see…..


This queue time usually has the normal random discussions with all manner of people who are there for the same reason you are…..spend lots of money on lots of shiny stuff 😉. As normal, Warren and crew from Beasts of War were filming for the live blog and we managed to get a photo of Warren and Dawn in prep time.


This year we went with a plan. We knew what we wanted and had either pre ordered to pick up or had written a list of what to get. You see, last year we made a mistake. We got caught up in shiny syndrome and ended up buying something that we hadn’t researched. This inevitably ended up on eBay !!

This year, that was not going to happen. We had done our homework and had settled on what our new major projects were going to be. These were Guildball, Wolsung and The Chicago Way. We had also decided to get our figures for Frostgrave (so far we have played with a collection of models from various other armies). I have to say, we actually stuck to our plan and of course a few extras such as Lee’s Bolt Action winter figures.

Jamie picked up his pre-ordered Horus Heresy books and a couple of books from his Beast Arises series.

All in all, it was another successful show. Time now to unpack all those goodies and start the painful process of painting it all !!!

Bye for now……………………


One thought on “Salute 2016

  1. chaingun73 says:

    It was a very good weekend as usual, the Battle Bunker meet up had all the normal micky taking at everyone’s expense. The show itself was very good although, it did seem to be lacking in either traders or games compared to previous years.

    Now having returned, we have managed to get a game of Tanks in. This is a good fun x wing style of WW2 combat using 15mm tanks. I plan on using this as one of the games for Our Battle Bunker meet up at Christmas, but using 28mm models instead. The other 2 games are going to be kept secret at this time and will be reveiled on the day itself.


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