Frostgrave.. the first game


April 3, 2016 by Mel

So after a week of building ‘Daldorr’ buildings, I finally set the table ready for our first game of Frostgrave. Unfortunately our frost mat hasn’t yet arrive so please bear with the urban style backdrop !!


Lee and Jamie created their forces to pit against each other in the first of many battles. Our intention is to do 3 battles at a time and then grant rewards at the end of the session.

The battles will be Lee vs Jamie, Lee vs Mel, Jamie vs Mel.

So for the first game, Jamie started with an ‘out of game’ spell which gave him a free zombie for the game. The scenario was ‘The Keep’.

Lee won the roll for sides and deployment and sets his forces in two collectives supporting his wizard and apprentice. Jamie took a similar approach. Jamie gained the roll for initiative on the first turn and takes advantage by moving straight for the treasure.

The game proceeded with both sides bartering shots, fights and arguments for treasure possession, Lee taking advantage by using Telekinesis to bring the treasure to him.


Pain happens when both wizards are lost in battle. Lots of casualties but eventually all treasure left the board before any team was decimated !!!

Both sides managed to collect 3 treasure each which gave them plenty of rewards.

The game ran smoothly and worked well. Certainly a game we will be playing quite a bit !!!

One thought on “Frostgrave.. the first game

  1. Lee says:

    With the flashes of lightning and the crashing of thunder, both wizards and apprentices attempt to cast spells In order to fend off the opposing warband from claiming any treasure.

    I found the game to be very tense with plenty of atmosphere and characteristics of playing D&D as a teenager. I am looking forward to our next game and seeing where and how our warbands will expand.

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