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January 8, 2016 by Mel

and so Christmas is over…… And the building and painting of the new year begins.

Jamie has been building armies like a man possessed. His main focus has been on the 40k skitarii force and the AoS Khorne army he had for Christmas. He has also built an assault squad for his space marine army.

Lee has been planning for a napoleonics game. This is quite a change as napoleonics has been a banned subject for many years but hey, we need to do something with the 28mm la haye sainte from 4ground that remains in its box until now !!

My focus has been on Age of Sigmar, building for the summer main game. I have been building up a sylvaneth force (wood elves without an elf in sight !!).  Also, I have finally finished painting a tau riptide for Jamie’s tau army.


Well with Lee working this weekend, work will be continued on his birthday present which is………..  as if I’d spill the beans that easily !! Just wait and see.

More updates soon.

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