The Christmas Game pt8….post coffee break

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December 30, 2015 by Mel

And so after a well earned coffee break, we continued the battle…..

16.47 actual time    12.00 noon game time

The union decide to make quite a few changes to formation and continue to close the gap. The confederates, having poor morale, have lost position on the Sunken Road to the advancing Union but continue to fight to regain position.

No charges are declared this turn but the continuous fire of guns can be heard across the battlefield.

Some Union units now start to waver, the 14th Connecticut and 108th New York are pushed back disordered. On the confederate side the 5th Alabama is forced to rout due to overwhelming casualties.

Urgent messages are passes to both sides, ammunition is running low.



17.20 actual time     12.15 game time

Poor morale forces both sides to assign commanders. The confederates decide to retreat and attempt to consolidate the line. Seeing the weakness in the Reb resolve, the Yankees push further forward….. it’s not looking good for the Confederate Army.

In a sudden bout of courage, the 8th Alabama make a charge towards the 5th Maryland. The Maryland unit breaks and runs before the Rebs make contact. Spurred on by their success the 8th Alabama continue their charge into the 1st Delaware who also break and run.

The sudden surge has the Union wavering. However, the need to retreat and heavy casualties has caused some Confederate units to withdraw from the battle.



18.03 actual time    12.30 game time

With victory in sight, the 52nd New York decide to charge 30th North Carolina who stand and fire at the advancing Yankees. Seeing their friends bravery, the 66th New York charge headlong into 14th North Carolina who, fearing the mass approaching, turn tail and run.

Despite their comrades running, the Rebs near the church make an advance by the church however this is met by a Union advance which leaves the two forces facing up against each other again….this is certainly a bloody battle with neither side willing to give up.

A lucky shot has Brigadier-General A Wright (Confederate) thrown from his horse. Despite the loss of blood, he carries on leading his troops but calls for help from the remainder of the division.

Witnessing the enemy commanders fall, the Union continue their charge causing the 30th North Carolina to break and run.

Morale is hard for both sides however, having taken the position of the Sunken Road, the 7th West Virginia are feeling heroic. Their shouts and cheers have the Rebs shaken with more fleeing from the field.



18.46 actual time     12.45 game time

Its getting late in the battle and many units are depleted. Many decide its time to retire from the battle, letting the fresher units lead the advance.

The 61st New York see an opportunity and charge the 10th Alabama who stand and fire at the approaching enemy. The weight of fire has the 61st halt and choose to fire instead. Confused by their orders, the 61st decide to retire disordered.

The field of battle is covered once again by the smoke of the guns.

Courageous to the end, the 66th New York make a brave charge at the 14th North Carolina who turn and run before contact is made.

The units in Colonel Morris’ Union Brigade are struggling with terrible morale and he calls for immediate help.

Divisional HQ sends a message to the Confederate Division to maintain position no further forward than the church.


19.16 actual time     13.00 game time

The wind has picked up but the weather remains fine and dry.

In a last ditch attempt, Brigadier-General G Anderson attempts to lead his Brigade into a charge however poor morale means they refuse to go.

Seeing the enemy to their front have lost many casualties, the 48th Georgia decide to charge at the 52nd New York. Feeling heroic, the 52nd form a skirmish line and fire into the charging rebs. However, their bravery was short lived, at the sound of the Rebel yell, they turn and run.

The remaining confederates, now depleted in strength and morale decide to retire from the battle in order to reform and fight another day.

Commendation goes to the 14th Indiana who unbelievably had to take the first and last morale checks of the day and still stood their ground.


(Richard recording the moment he finally won a game, mind you…. no dice were required for this one !!! The legendary Downing roll of a 1 didn’t happen.)

End of Game Statistics



  • Starting force  9360 men
  • End force  7024 men
  • Losses in battle  2336 men
25% lost in battle



  • Starting force  3750 men
  • End force  2261 men
  • Losses in battle  1489 men

40% lost in battle


End of Game Summary

Defending a position can be a tough thing when facing overwhelming odds. The Confederates started the battle being outnumbered by 2.5:1 however benefited from the cover of the Sunken Road. In gaming time, the confederates held the road longer than in the actual battle however, inevitably, the sheer might of the Union force fought through beating the rebs into a fighting withdrawal from the battlefield…… and so, history repeats itself once again.

The group certainly enjoyed the game and the ‘fog of war’ kept everyone on their toes. The program worked well (even the printer worked on cue !!).

Our Christmas Games are always the highlight of our gaming year and so, plans are afoot for Christmas 2016.

and so we finish……………. as always, every soldier need a hearty meal at the end of a day’s battle ……….. bring on the chilli, rice and nachos.


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