The Christmas Game pt 7…. The Sunken Road (pre-coffee break !!)

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December 28, 2015 by Mel

12.00  and so we start…. The Union players are Richard, Regan and Jamie. Confederate players are Josh and Mel. All pre game info is now being issued, Mel and Josh being sent to make drinks while The Union receive their details.

12.27   9.15am game time

And the battle commences…. Orders and formation changes are being issued (via post it notes), Lee is entering them into the program.


13.02 actual time   9.30am game time

Union have the priority, Richard (Morris Brigade) and Regan (Weber Brigade) are advancing their troops while Jamie’s brigade (Kimball) are not yet officially on the table.


The confederates led by Josh (G Andersons Brigade) and Mel (R Rodes Brigade) remain concealed along the Sunken Road

13.09 actual time   9.45am game time

Jamie receives an order and starts to move his troops. He receives dispatches as does Richard. The Union continue their advance towards the expectant confederates who wait patiently for the right time to strike. Richard receives a further order to which he responds with a “nnnnooo !!”. The confederates remain blissfully unaware of what has happened.

13.18 actual time   10.00am game time

Weather conditions remain unchanged. The confederates gain the first turn but remain stationary, holding out as long as possible.  The Union turn starts with Richard advancing with a double move, ending just outside of the sight of the confederate guns. Jamie and Regan continue normal advances towards the Sunken Road.

13.25 actual time   10.15am game time

Richard decides to send further orders. In the meantime, Jamie has advanced further but Regan decides to remain stationary, obviously cautious of the waiting Rebs. Richard receives his response and is less than impressed. Maybe the ‘fog of war’ isn’t wanted after all ?!?!?!? The wrong unit has changed formation into March column and are now blocked by another unit from their own Brigade to who the order was never received.


1 hour into the battle and not a shot fired however plenty of parade ground manoeuvers have been displayed.

13.35 actual time   10.30am game time

Union gain priority and Jamie immediately takes the advantage of moving Kimballs’ Brigade  within sight of the enemy.  Regan follows suit by moving Weber’s brigade into sight. Morris’s Brigade remain trying to re-arrange their formations however some have managed to get themselves into a firing position.  Jamie tries to send an order but it fails to get to it’s destination (another dispatch rider KIA).


The Union, having priority, sieze the initiative and open fire…… Kimballs brigade leads the volley with Weber’s Brigade in support. The Confederates return fire focussing mainly on 14th Indiana.

First morale check of the game is for 14th Indiana who waver at the confederate onslaught however remain resolute.
For the confederates, 3rd Alabama, 5th Alabama and 2nd North Carolina check morale but all are in good form and continue to fight.
Jamie checks an event in the timeline ………
and finds that Meaghers Brigade have arrived to support the Union advance.


13.50 actual time   10.45 game time

After further advances by the Union, the confederates gets first opportunity to fire. Rodes’ Alabama Rebs fire a volley at both Kimball and Weber Brigades. G. Anderson brigade decides to continue fire on Morris’ Brigade. The Union return fire giving the Reb’s a hard time defending the road.

The 14th Indiana (now nicknamed ‘the fighting 15’ surprise everyone by continuing to fight despite several morale checks.

The Union receive a message…… Caldwells Brigade has arrived.

14.05 actual time     11.00 game time

The Yankees make a push up to the fence line, the Rebs are now in very close range. The Union reserve Brigades are advancing in March Column, rushing to provide support.

The Rebs fire first, splitting their fire between several Yankee units.

After a devastating return volley from the Union, several morale checks need to be made……. including yet another check for the 14th Indiana, this time resulting in a disordered retreat. However, all is not lost, the 2nd North Carolina are wavering and are danger of losing their position on the road.



14.25 actual time   11.15 game time

Following a few concerning results last turn, many commanders are assigned to units to bolster morale.

Richard gets a message…. Brooke’s brigade has arrived. They start arriving around the farm but find that the dense terrain makes movement very slow.

The 108th New York, feeling heroic decide to charge into 2nd North Carolina who despite firing at the advancing masses, end up breaking an running from the charge. The 3rd Alabama have a moment of insanity and break from their position to charge at 4th New York who briefly consider a counter charge, but the Rebel Yell has them fleeing.

Many volleys are fired covering the battlefield in smoke.

IMG_0073 (00000002)

 14.54 actual time     11.30 game time

In a sudden rush of bravery, the 5th Maryland charge towards 3rd Alabama causing them to rout. The left side of the road is starting to crumble. The 5th Maryland have now taken position on the road. This is a blow to the Confederates.

After further firing, the 2nd North Carolina run from the field leaving the centre exposed. Things are not going well……

The Union have a fantastic turn which leaves them with no morale checks to make.


15.15 actual time    11.45 game time

Finally the Confederates have reinforcements arrive, both A Wright and A Cumming Brigades arriving at the same time. A Cummings arrives next to the church whereas A Wright arrives to the right of the orchard.

Both sides are still reeling from last turn and so decide to stand a fire with no charges occurring.

Already shaken from the volume of fire, the 26th Alabama turn and run leaving more of the centre exposed. Opportunity strikes for the Union.


At this major point in the battle…………… the army breaks for a cuppa !!!!

Click here to see part 8 of this series nd the conclusion of the battle

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