Christmas Game 2015 pt 5…… we’re ready to go !!!

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December 24, 2015 by Mel

It’s Christmas Eve……Merry Christmas to everyone 🙂

Well, after many changes, it’s finally finished and ready to go. Lee moved some of the terrain features around in order to give the game a better flow. The starting units are on the table.

The rest are on the pasting table in the garage….

All have been labelled and loaded into the computer (Once we finally got the printer working….aarrggghhh).

Order of Battle – Union

Starting on the Table

Brigadier – General French Division

Brigadier – General Kimball Brigade

14th Indiana

8th Ohio

132nd Pennsylvania

7th West Virginia

Colonel Morris Brigade

14th Connecticut

108th New York

130th Pennsylvania

Brigadier – General Weber Brigade

1st Delaware

4th New York

5th Maryland

Reserves Off Table (hopefully to turn up throughout the battle)

Major General Richardson Division

Brigadier – General Caldwell Brigade

7th New York

61st New York

64th New York

81st Pennsylvania

Brigadier – General Meagher Brigade

29th Massachusettes

63rd New York

69th New York

88th New York

Colonel Brooke Brigade

2nd Delaware

52nd New York

57th New York

66th New York

53rd Pennsylvania

Battery B 1st New York


Order of Battle – Confederate

Starting on the Table

Major General D.H. Hill Division

Brigadier – General R. Rodes Brigade

3rd Alabama

5th Alabama

6th Alabama

12th Alabama

26th Alabama

Brigadier – General G. Anderson Brigade

2nd North Carolina

4th North Carolina

14th North Carolina

30th North Carolina

Reserves Off Table (hopefully to turn up throughout the battle)

Major General R. Anderson Division

Colonel A. Cumming Brigade

8th Alabama

9th Alabama

10th Alabama

11th Alabama

Hardaways Battery

Brigadier – General A. Wright Brigade

44th Alabama

3rd Georgia

22nd Georgia

48th Georgia

Thompsons Battery

Playing the game will be Richard, Josh, Regan, Mel and Jamie. Lee will be umpiring the game and feeding the computer with orders etc. We’re still not sure who is playing what side. That will be determined on the day.

So getting to this point has been like a roller coaster ride, some ups, some downs, some laughs and some screams !!! The constant moving of terrain being a regular source of frustration to both Lee who moved and Mel who never really knew what to expect next. The computer led to as much frustrating moments which made us wonder whether it really would be an easier option than learning paper rules. But hey, once we got the printer to work, it went smoothly on from there and we learned from past experience how enjoyable the game is and, in our opinion, as close to ACW battles as you can get.

Anyway, off to fill the plates with food and the glasses with drink…. it is Christmas Eve after all………  After all this, I hope Father Christmas brings some magic for tomorrow morning and finally a note to Lee and Jamie……….. NO, you can’t have a practise run of opening your presents now 🙂

Join us back on 28th December for live updates throughout the Battle of the Sunken Road, 17th September 1862, 9.15am.

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