4ground Dwarven Building…the first of many.

I have to say I was really looking forward to these buildings. It is nice to see different regions coming together in the world of Fabled Realms.

As always, the quality of the kit is outstanding. These guys really head the market in product quality and design. The building has exceptional interior design, certainly a home for a dwarf of high standards !


The instructions were very clear and the building was pretty quick to build. I particularly like the door hinges which can sometimes be a little thin on the edges but these were really sturdy. Also, the pictures for Dwarven Tapastries was amazing. These really set off the inside of the buildings.

I will shortly be building the other buildings in this range for you to see.

For now, it’s back to the painting table to continue with Jamie’s Tau army in preparation for the game at Warhammer World in October…nearly done🙂

Guildball Battle report

Jamie and I had a game of Guildball a couple of days ago. Jamie decided to put his Bear on the table for the first time as part of his Hunter team. I used the Fishermen and included Greyscales and Kraken along with the standard starter set. Both of us fielded our mascots.

Jamie won the roll off and decided I should kick off. Shark kicked the ball near the centre of the pitch and the game was on…..

Jamie immediately went on the attack with the strength of his team hitting my fishermen for six. I was focused on trying to score a goal but alas the dice gods were definitely not on my side.

The game soon turned to a battle of strength and cunning using character plays. Jamie inflicted poison on many of my characters. I used Sharks legendary play to manage to catch 4 of the hunters in nets and slowed them down but this was not for long enough.

There were casualties on both side leaving us both needing to recover with icy sponges.

Finally Jamie finished the game by taking out enough to score the game ending blow.

It was a great game, lots of fun had by all and a good opportunity to learn more about the game. Can’t wait for the next game…..we are considering playing a league🙂

Gaming night with 4Ground

What better than a games night with friends……………especially when those friends are the guys from 4Ground !!!


Adam and Cad came round to the Battle Bunker last night for some cool games of Frostgrave. Being awesome fans of the 4Ground products, we met the guys from 4Ground a couple of years ago when we won the Beasts of War competition for the Stoic Arms.

Last night we saw a new introduction to the group with Robbie joining us for some games. Robbie has been working for 4Ground for a few months so, welcome to Robbie🙂

It was a fantastic night with a lot of catch up following their recent venture to GenCon and our own adventure to Historicon. It was great to see some of the new artwork in relation to their Fabled Realms range.

Mel was in awe of her new products…the Grimmstack buildings and the Dwarven buildings, no doubt you’ll soon see an unboxing and product review post as I’m sure she’ll be keen to get them unpacked and built. (Best I not show the pictures before she gets a chance😉 )

Guildball….. The first game.

So we were trying to decide what to play this weekend on a trip over to Firestorm Games in Cardiff and decided on trying out Guildball.

This was to be our first game, we weren’t really sure on the rules but thought we’d give it a go. After setting up the proving grounds mat, we chose to play with the starter sets using Lee’s Brewers against my Fishermen. I won the roll off and chose for Lee to Kick Off.

Not really knowing what to do, I managed to get to the ball however couldn’t really do anything else. Lee managed to take advantage and charged straight at me scoring a KD. What a start !! Not only was my Leader on the deck but Lee brought in another hairy kilted brute to really put the boot in.

Once I managed to get Shark upright, he managed to upset the proceedings by doing a character play of Caught in the Net. Two of Lee’s brutes were caught in the net. One managed to free himself only to be caught by Sirens persuasive ways, turning him against his own kind.


The play went backward and forward with players being knocked down all over the place. Lee managed to score a goal which put him well and truly in the lead.

After more swift manoeuvres, Lee managed to whittle down Shark to the point of Taking him Out. This gave him the points to enable the win. We kept the points fairly low as we knew we were on a tight timescale.

Overall it was a great first game. I’m not sure we really got to grips with the rules and so more games need to be done over the next few days along with studying of the rules.

Unboxing…….. Battle Systems Urban Apocalypse Terrain Kickstarter

Well, I haven’t posted since the holiday due to trying to catch up on all that has happened while we were away but we are well and truly back now. So, back on to what we should be doing…………bringing anything good to you through our blog.

We have been expecting this one through the post and were certainly not disappointed. This is the Battle Systems Urban Apocalypse Terrain Kickstarter.

I have to say, considering seeing the pictures on the Kickstarter, I was expecting a huge parcel. Well, when I got it from the posty, I thought it a bit small. Maybe there had been a mistake.

There was no mistake, it was so brilliantly packed that excess packaging was not necessary. Everything that is advertised is in there, really well packed into a very sturdy, neat box.

On opening the box, the first item you get is the game mat. This material mat is of really good quality. The print is superb, really vibrant colours.

Opening the cards, there were several cards. All were printed double side with incredibly detail. Again, the print quality was fabulous.

And then there was more, the stretch goals unlocked during the campaign…

Finally, we had included the Fire Station add on. Again, awesome printing. I really cant wait to put it all together.

Finally the clips to put it all together. These are small plastic clips which slot onto the terrain to hold it together.

Hopefully I can get some time over the next couple of weeks to put the set together and  will get some pictures shown of it. We cant wait for the Mantic Walking Dead kickstarter to arrive so we can try it out on this terrain…..

As it says on the Do’s and Don’ts sheet above, the assembly instructions can be found on Battle Systems Tutorials

We hope you have found this unboxing useful. If so, please click on the ‘like’ button and feel free to follow the blog for more articles.

Tomorrow, I will be doing a review of our first game of Guildball…. see you then🙂

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